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Wearing Pastel Eye Shadows for Spring

Updated on April 11, 2011
Pastel blues pop during spring.
Pastel blues pop during spring. | Source

New seasons are all about change. Though new buds are forming on the trees and it's finally getting a little warmer outside, these changes also affect your beauty routine. In addition to packing away your sweaters and boots, ditch the tired, dark makeup colors you rocked during winter. Instead, brighten up your face with pastel eye shadow. Pastels are the perfect shadow colors for spring and will have you dancing amidst the flowers in no time.

What are Pastels?

Pastel colors lack the saturation found in eye shadow shades of other seasons. Instead, each color is lightened and washed out with a light eye shadow base. This makes the colors, whether pale yellow, spring green or lavender, look soft against your skin. Imagine you're in art class and you mix blue and white paint. You'd end up with a pastel blue like you'd find in a spring eye shadow palette. Pastels can come from any color in the rainbow as long as they feature just a hint of color.

Applying Pastel Eye Shadow

For best results, use a dedicated eye shadow brush for applying pastel eye shadow, instead of the applicator that came with the shadow. Most sponge applicators are just too cheap. You'll get a lot better coverage when using a soft-bristled brush.

Choose one pastel shade that's going to be your main shadow color. If you're wearing a sundress featuring green and pink flowers, you may want to go with a pastel pink. Using the eye shadow brush, work the pastel pink eye shadow into the crease of your eye. If you want an even bolder look, apply the shadow around the outside corner and onto you lower lid as well.

Next, use a lighter accent color on your eyelid below the pink crease. Pale, pastel yellow works well with pastel pink. Apply this just below the crease and blend it into the edges of the pink for a feathered look.

Brighten your eyes by using white or light beige shadow at the inside corner of your eye and just below your eye brows. White acts as the perfect blending shadow when working with pastels for the spring. It'll also help brighten your eyes and make you look more awake and ready for the day.

Finishing the Look

Now that you have beautiful pastel eye makeup, it's time to complete the look. If you want to go bold and dramatic, line your eyes with dark black eyeliner. Create a sharp line and fan it out from the outside corner of your eye. For a muted, lighter look, stick with brown or soft black eyeliner instead.

Finish off your spring eye makeup with mascara. If you plan to be outside on a picnic or a walk through the park, only apply mascara to your top lashes. This'll prevent the makeup from melting down onto your cheeks if you happy to glisten too much under the spring sun.

And if you really want to get ready for spring, smooth on a layer of sheer peach lip gloss. The shinier the better!


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