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Wearing out movie quotes: Punny movie-inspired clothing

Updated on September 13, 2013

You may notice, sometimes with great pride in being able to get the reference, that more and more fashion statements are being fashioned around statements from some of your favorite movies and television shows. Fashion appears to be mimicking the online meme streak of pop culture references and geekiness. With the popularity of memes it’s no wonder so many brands now have some of your favourite movie sayings down to a T.

Okay, we’re going to stop trying to be punny now and just show you some funny movie-inspired fashion items we stumbled upon recently.

Finding Nemo

If you’ve watched Finding Nemo you might remember this from the scene where Nemo demonstrates his courage by touching the butt of a boat to prove that, even with one fin, he is capable of swimming out on his own. Apart from the entire movie being an inspiring tale, Nemo also teaches us that we can’t just go around touching butts without first considering consequences.

The Walking Dead

Killing two references with one slogan. This t-shirt by T-shirt Bodello combines the zombie series "The Walking Dead" with iconic actor Christopher Walken to come up with The Walken Dead. Genius. Of course, you already knew that (it says so on the T-shirt above) There are many other memes that play on Walken's surname with comical consequences.

Pitch Perfect

This one is taken straight from the movie Pitch Perfect. The Treblemakers is the bad boy acapella group from Barton University. It’s a perfect pun on its own.

Anchor Man

Who can forget this scene from the hilarious Anchorman where Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrel) professes that he is “kind of a big deal” This shirt from takes it to a whole new vegetable.

Harry Potter

This is a play on the word 'horcrux' from Harry Potter and another phrase from the move Mean Girls

Don’t let the muggles get you down. Just more words of wizardom from Harry Potter.

Lord of the Rings

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, this would certainly impress you. Balrogs are the tall and menacing demons covered in fire. If a potential mate uses this pick-up line to test your knowledge of their favourite movie and you don’t get it, you shall not pass.

Star Wars

This one is a bit mean, but hey, it’s Darth Vader. This is meant to be a play on the line “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. But surely this still counts.

Are you looking for love in Alderaan places? You can find it at .

Sherlock Holmes

Nike’s “just do it” meets Sherlock Holmes’ impressive reasoning skills.

Star Trek

“Make it so, Number One” Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek. This fond saying will have you baking your own Picard Pie.


If you don’t get this one it’s possibly because you’ve never seen or heard of the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws. Perhaps this 60 second animation would help. You should also watch the trailor:

Mr Freeze's puns (Batman)


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