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Wearing the Perfect Set of Reading Glasses for Every Season

Updated on November 14, 2012

Whether it's summer, spring, fall, or winter outside, there is no reason why you shouldn't look presentable, or even, appropriately clothed for the season. Many women -- and men -- make the mistake of wearing clothing pieces or an entire attire that would look good in one season, like summer, despite being snowy and cold outside. Simply put, when it comes to looking good and fashionable, many make the mistake of wearing the wrong clothes for the wrong season.

Some clothes are seasonal and look good only during certain months of the year. This also holds true for certain jewelries, clothing accessories, and even stylish reading glasses.

That's right, the reading glasses you use to read books and see things more clearly with are seasonal and could cause a fashion flub when you match them with the wrong clothes. However, when you put on the right reading glasses and match it with the right clothing, you get an attire that is not only appropriate for the season but also something more interesting and sophisticated.

Reading glasses may be customized by the colors and the shapes of their frames. With several colors and designs to choose from, there is never a reason to look bland and boring especially with reading glasses on.

When choosing the right set of stylish reading glasses that will look good on you, always consider your face shape when selecting the right frame shape and your skin tone when selecting the right frame design or color.

Once you know what is ideal for your face shape and skin tone, choose the right design and colors for the season using the short guide below:

Let's start with the winter season. It tends to be cold and gloomy during these months so reading glasses with solid and warm colors would look good on you. Reds, lime green, brown and shades of gold are good combinations for this season.

By spring, you will have more options and colors to choose from. You can experiment with different combination during this season, but to stand out, use solid colors like violet, black, hot pink or crimson to reflect your youthful, yet intelligent side. Since it's spring, you can also pick frames with floral designs or polka dots. Frames with light pink background and floral prints are perfect for teens and young adults, while cat-eye, black colored frames with white dots would make cute additions for an adult's closet.

During summer, choose colors that are simple yet bright and cheerful, like red, yellow, orange, lime green, white or unusual, artistic colors that reflect the beach, like shades of bluish-green and aquamarine.

Finally, for autumn, add frame colors and designs that are solid and bright. Go for white, baby pink, light yellow, almond, blond, and even gray. It might not be wise to choose autumn colors during autumn or your surroundings will drown your attire away from getting noticed.


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