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Weaves: Hair Care 101

Updated on June 3, 2012

An easy and fun way to change your hairstyle is through a weave. You can go longer, curly, straight, or even a different color. They add volume and bounce and give a bit of extra personality to a look. The one thing that stops many people from getting weaves: hair care. Extensions need to be tightened every few months and require a bit of maintenance, especially if you want to get your money's worth from them. Keeping a good hair regime from the start can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to keep your extensions looking nice and help them last a long time.

Managing Shower Time With Extensions

You should not shower for the first five days after getting extensions put in; this allows time for your hair to readjust. If your scalp is in pain or itches, just spray leave-in conditioner for relief. After this, the hair needs to be kept clean because the weave traps in oil more than your normal hair. Try to wash every time you partake in a physical activity. Before you wash your hair, brush out any tangles, and add in a bit of water to your hair at a time. A lot of water at once may mat the hair, especially if it is a less expensive weave. Try to use a higher quality shampoo and conditioner that is extra-moisturizing. There are several shampoos and conditioners made especially for extensions.

Brushing Your Extensions

Brush with a soft bristle brush. Most extensions do not do well with being combed or brushed, so being delicate is imperative. If your hair is wet, you may use a wide comb and gently go through the hair. If your dry hair is tangled, slowly use your soft bristle brush to detangle from the ends up to the roots.

Your Extensions And Heat

Avoid applying heat to your extensions at all costs unless you have human hair extensions. Applying heat to fake hair may result in the hair being completely damaged or catching fire.After washing, it is best to try to let the hair air dry. If you must blow dry, then pat dry the hair and apply as little heat as possible. Try to avoid the bonded areas. Most professionals do not recommend using a straightener or curling iron, but if one has to be used, never apply it to the bonded area.

Any Other Suggestions on Hair Care

For women with curly extensions, do not brush or comb the weave's hair unless it is made with human hair. Instead, shake it out and use your hands, otherwise the curl may lose its integrity. Keep the hair moisturized by using leave-in conditioners when possible. Do not use an excessive amount as it may lead to build-up. Never go to bed with damp hair; instead, let it air-dry and pull it up, or put the hair in a cap so it does not tangle in your sleep. Always discuss hair care for weaves with your stylist for any additional tips.


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