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Wedding Bands for Men - Whats Out There?

Updated on August 19, 2012

Wedding bands for men is not just a piece of fashionable jewelry, it is an expression of eternal love, faith and trust, which once worn is never removed. Hence the design and quality of a wedding band should be ageless. Although the patterns are a personal choice, you may want to consider what is more common in your region of living before buying men’s wedding band. It is advisable to get a ring of comfortable size, neither too loose nor too tight as the size of your finger would change with age.

Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands or Rings:

Men’s ring usually reminds one of the plain polished gold rings and the only other variation was platinum or white gold or the less common silver ring. Gemstones are never used in traditional wedding bands for men.

Current Trends

Men’s wedding band is now made of other precious metals like tungsten and titanium embellished with diamonds or other precious and semi precious stones.

This particularly suits those men who don’t want to make their marital status very apparent with the classic, shiny gold ring and yet want to wear something to signify their marriage. Current trends of wedding bands for men include patterned, engraved and embellished rings in one or more metals.

It completely depends on the individual’s style and taste with no hard and fast rules.

Men’s Wedding Band Materials:


The most common material used for men’s ring is gold. It is available in shiny yellow, white or rose hues and is normally made of 18 or 14 karats. One variation to the plain design is to engrave names or symbols of partners. Being a soft metal, gold needs to be mixed with nickel to form jewelry and sometimes causes allergy in some men. Over a period of time it loses its shape and form and needs to be resized. It is also prone to scratches and dullness by regular use. The price range begins from $149.95.


This is a gleaming white colored metal and the costliest of precious metals. It is strong and durable by itself and does not need any additions to form a wedding band. However they are prone to scratches and are available only at exorbitant prices. The price range begins from around $300.

Sterling Silver

Priced lesser than most other metals, sterling silver men’s wedding band has a polished finish and the pure silver content should be at least 92.5 percent. Silver tarnishes easily and requires more maintenance. The price range begins from $25 - $30.


This is basically a industrial metal, but its durability and light weight has attracted the attention of fashion designers. It has medium gray hue but is not as shiny as gold or silver. Though it is scratch resistant and does not discolor easily, it is a comparatively soft metal. The price range begins from $40.

Tungsten / Tungsten Carbide

This is one of the most durable of precious metals, affordable and long lasting. It is scratch resistant and needs minimal maintenance. It has a dark gray hue and is fast catching up the fancy of new fashion designers. The price range begins at around $49.

Stainless Steel

This is the most inexpensive of all metals and combined with durability and shiny finish, this is a great choice if you want to go with something simple, casual and trendy.

You may want to add your personal touch by way of engraving or individual style. Starting at around $15 - $20, the range is quite enormous.



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