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Only In Romania Do Weddings Take Place On Hot Air Ballons

Updated on March 21, 2012

Wedding Dress In Hot Air Balloon

Wedding On A Plane

Only in Romania will you need an army of Kardashians to hold up a one-mile long train stitched to a wedding dress. My method would be to sew inflatable snake-like tubes into the train so helium gas can be trapped and the train can be floated beautifully down the aisle. Just don’t have the bride turn around to face the audience unless she decides to detach the velcro from the dress, if that, and let the train fly higher than the rice being thrown at the end of the ceremony.

Although Romania was not going for style, nor magnitude, the bridezilla who donned the dress did give the thing both, but her facial expression was just horrendous, like she was very uncomfortable or something, as she was hoisted into the air via hot air balloon. Even that didn’t help.

So before all you women think seriously about marrying the man that you love, think twice, not about him, but about your wedding dress unless you really want to have your wedding ceremony celebrated on an airplane with your train flapping out the emergency exit door!


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