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Wedding Makeup for Beginners

Updated on March 18, 2013
Wedding Makeup for Beginners.
Wedding Makeup for Beginners. | Source

Wedding Makeup ~

For brides to be of any age the wedding makeup is part of the big day.

Regardless of whether you go for the traditional “wedding” day or opt for a unique DIY wedding, makeup is used in many different ways.

It should enhance your natural beauty and be a makeup style you are comfortable wearing.

After all, it is your wedding and will be an incredibly memorable day for the rest of your life.

There is nothing worse than a bride feeling out of her comfort zone because of her makeup application.

Bridal Makeup

wear the correct clothing making it easy to remove without upsetting your wedding hair and makeup.
wear the correct clothing making it easy to remove without upsetting your wedding hair and makeup. | Source

The Decision ~

As a Freelance Make-Up Artist, I have done makeup for many brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom and for wedding guests.

My work has been in many different locations including New Zealand and Ireland. Traditional weddings to themed weddings, I have enjoyed every single one and listening to the brides requirements have been an essential part to my work.

My biggest pet annoyance is seeing brides done up like “a dogs dinner”, over the top in other words and looking close to tears.

The makeup will have been done by a cosmetics consultant, beautician or even a fellow Make-Up Artist and how they feel comfortable allowing a bride or anyone to leave like an orange mess or made up in a totally inappropriate manner, is totally unforgivable.

The first tip I have is don’t stress or worry about the makeup. If you are prepared and have certain things done in advance then it will be smooth sailing

First decision to make months beforehand is, are you doing your own wedding makeup or are you getting it done professionally?

It is entirely your decision. Some brides- to-be are wary of getting their makeup done and prefer their own application. On the other hand you may feel you are not normally a makeup person so would feel more comfortable getting it done professionally.

With this in mind I have put together two sets of beginner makeup tips to make this part of your wedding day be stress free and a welcome time out on the big day.

Hire a Make-Up Artist

make sure to translate to your make-up artist exactly what your thoughts are.
make sure to translate to your make-up artist exactly what your thoughts are. | Source

Indian / Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Luscious Lips

purchase the lipstick so you will be able to touch up during the day.
purchase the lipstick so you will be able to touch up during the day. | Source

Hiring a Make-Up Artist ~

Hiring someone to do your makeup does not have to be a scary or daunting proposition. If you have someone you know or are recommended, check them out for availability, price, trial makeup, flexibility (will they come to your house) and experience.

A trial makeup is vitally important to do about 10 days before the wedding. A good idea is to get a trial run of your hair done the same day so you get a great idea of how things will look on the day, keeping those stress triggers at bay.

The things you need to show or explain to the Make Up Artist are; color swabs of bridesmaid’s dresses, the color theme, bridal bouquet, flowers, wedding dress information and personal ideas. They should also ask if you have any allergies, what your skin type is what your normal makeup routine is and you should bring with you a sample of your products.

The Makeup professional should be looking to see what you want in makeup, your likes, dislikes and any distinguishing marks or tattoos you want hidden. If wearing a totally sleeveless dress remember to wear a top similar for the trial makeup.

Do not leave certain treatments until the last minute such as a facial, eyebrow shaping, eyelash dying, manicure, pedicure and a body spray tan.

These are not all essentials, by the way just an indication of many popular bridal treatments. Mistakes, skin irritations and allergies may happen and the last thing you want is this occurring a day before the wedding or day of the wedding.

If you have very specific cultural traditions, for example an Asian wedding, I would look for someone with that makeup experience behind them.

When having your makeup done, the Make-Up Artist will not normally be a wedding guest, therefore not on hand for touch ups during the day and evening for photographs. I would recommend you buy whatever lipstick and lip products being used.

For quick touch ups you don’t need every single item used, a compact translucent powder for keeping skin matte for photographs, a few Q-tips and an eyeliner pencil and your lippy should be sufficient to have in your purse on the day.

Excellent Asian Makeup Tutorial by Make Up Artist Zuckreat

Natural Colors

keeping tones neutral will keep application simple but flattering for beginners.
keeping tones neutral will keep application simple but flattering for beginners. | Source

Doing Your own Makeup ~

Wedding makeup is usually a very neutral and uncomplicated makeup designed to enhance your natural features and make you glow even more. Think less is more, by keeping it simple but flattering. Having said that it is often seen as the most difficult type of application as it has to be PERFECT, it is your wedding after all. It should last all day and has to see you through all the tears, kisses, hugs, eating and dancing. A simple but effective makeup is easily possible for the beginner so do not discouraged.

Before applying your makeup there are some preparation steps you should do to make the makeup application an easy thing for brides to achieve on the wedding day.

Wedding Dress

keep in mind the style of your wedding dress when applying makeup. your face should match the rest of your exposed skin.
keep in mind the style of your wedding dress when applying makeup. your face should match the rest of your exposed skin. | Source

Makeup Brushes

have a selection of makeup brushes to give a professional polish to your makeup application.
have a selection of makeup brushes to give a professional polish to your makeup application. | Source

Makeup Preparation ~

6 weeks before the wedding, make sure you are eating right, getting enough sleep and keeping hydrated daily.

All these elements affect the skin and will show in different ways. A diet heavy in fats and sugars may result in face blemishes, pustules, breakouts, sluggish looking skin, puffiness and uneven skin tones. Keep them to a minimum; eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of fibre rich foods.

Not enough sleep will result in tired skin, under eye dark circles, eye puffiness and become patchy looking, what bride wants that?

Increase your water intake and make sure to be drinking at least 8 glasses a day, more if you can manage it. An easy drink to make is Cucumber Spa Water with cucumber and lemon.

Keep a pitcher in the fridge and drink with every meal and in-between. Make up some to bring to work with you. Water will make a huge difference to the skin and flushes out all the toxins in the body keeping you.

Look after your skin. Having a regular skin care routine is important. If you would like to learn more information on cleansing, moisturizing, skin exfoliation and face masks check out these articles for keeping your skin in tip top condition for your wedding.

How to Get your Face Ready to Apply Makeup.

How to Administer a Facial Massage on Yourself.

How to Correctly Apply a Face Mask.

Have clean make up brushes ready.

You only need to have a powder brush, blush brush, 2 eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brush (optional), lip brush (retractable is handy for your bag), foundation brush and a concealer brush.

There are many other brushes but if you don’t have any buying a small set is the best way to go to cut down expenses and there are many options available. For cleaning your brushes, read How to make DIY makeup brush cleanser solution for quick easy ideas you can do at home using commonly found products.

Have your eyebrows plucked or do them yourself days before the wedding, not on the day as they will often leave the skin a bit red for a day or so.

Have all your bits and pieces set up in a place with natural light the night before the wedding. This will save any running around looking for things on the big day.

Wear a dressing gown or a top with a full length zip or buttons. No t-shirts or anything you need to pull over your head. Hair may be done too so keep it simple for both hair and makeup.

Applying Foundation

apply foundation in small amounts and blend it in well.
apply foundation in small amounts and blend it in well. | Source

Wedding Day Makeup Tips ~


  • After applying your face moisturizer and eye cream, wait 10 minutes before applying foundation. You need to allow the moisturizers absorb into the skin.
  • Some foundations and face powders may look differently in photographs as they reflect light differently so make sure to photograph it before the big day using a flash.
  • Your foundation should be applied down on the neck and blended well with your foundation brush. There should be no difference with the rest of the decollate area or other visible parts of the body.
  • Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Always check it in daylight and artificial light.
  • You need to have a long lasting makeup that suits your skin type. Always try it out before purchasing it.
  • Use a small amount of foundation and blend it in well around the hairline. If you need a little more apply it, it is easier to add more than try taking it off. An even application is easy to achieve with the brush and don’t forget to lightly apply it over the eyelids and lips. It helps form a base for lipstick and eyeshadow.
  • With a translucent loose powder, set the foundation lightly to avoid shine. A compact is handy to carry on the day to keep your makeup matte for photographs, nothing worse than a shiny face in all your wedding photographs. Translucent has no color and the best one to choose for all occasions.

Simple Bridal makeup

Loose Face Powder

using a translucent powder will not change the color of your foundation but will set your foundation and stop any shine on the skin.
using a translucent powder will not change the color of your foundation but will set your foundation and stop any shine on the skin. | Source


  • A good concealer cream is worth its weight in gold. Apply it lightly for all skin imperfections with a concealer brush. It should be applied under the eyes lightly to minimize any dark circles and fine line. Some are best applied with the ringer finger and patted in.
  • A good guide for colored concealers (which are applied before the foundation for best results) is

Yellow toned neutralizes blue (dark circles)

Green toned neutralizes redness (pimples, rosacea)

Lavender neutralizes yellowness in skin.

Face Powder

  • Have a loose translucent powder with a matte finish which will set the foundation and keep any shine in check, important for photographs.
  • A compact version is great for keeping in your purse as it is less bulky. If you prefer to have one then go with the compact face powder.
  • Apply with a powder puff and gently press in on the face over the foundation and concealer. Then dust off blending in with a powder brush.

Eye Makeup

apply eye makeup with proper brushes will make a huge difference to the application. avoid the small sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows.
apply eye makeup with proper brushes will make a huge difference to the application. avoid the small sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows. | Source


  • Avoid too much shimmer, keep eyes fairly matte but defined.
  • I suggest a minimum of 3 shades of eyeshadow.
  • Use a natural or light shade all over the eyelid. Soft peach, brown, coral or soft pinks are all good choices for those seeking a natural look.
  • In the crease line use a darker shade to make the eyes pop. Blending it in is important to avoid hard edges.
  • Just under the eyebrow use a highlighter in cream, white, light peach, light pink or light coral that may have a little shimmer. Blend it in well.

Eye Liner

  • There are different types of eyeliners to choose from. Pencils, liquid eyeliner, powder eyeliner or pen types.
  • Find what works for you by experimenting beforehand. Keep eye pencils in the fridge and sharpened before using to make application easier.
  • Pencils and using an eyeliner brush with powdered eyeliner are easier than liquid for the beginner.
  • Apply the eyeliner on the top of the eyelash line and under the eye at the roots of the eyelashes and blend all lines with an eyeliner brush.
  • Applying pencil eyeliner on the inside of the eye adds more definition but is only advisable for those with large eyes as it makes the eye appear smaller.
  • Practicing beforehand will determine what suits you and which style is for you. Check out How to quickly remove eyeliner mistakes so you are prepared.

Waterproof Mascara

make sure you apply a waterproof mascara for your wedding day.
make sure you apply a waterproof mascara for your wedding day. | Source


  • Waterproof mascara is a must for wedding day brides. Shedding a tear or bucket full is guaranteed so be prepared!
  • If you already have a good one great! If not, my recommendation is Max Factor mascaras having used them religiously professionally and personally for over 20 years. They have a large range that are not expensive but are excellent.
  • Always be extremely careful when trying tester mascara as eye infections are easily picked up. It is the one cosmetic product I would strongly recommend not to try out beforehand.
  • You do not have to go for a black color but choose a black-brown or brown for a softer color. In particular blond eyelashes should opt for the brown waterproof mascara.
  • Apply mascara after eyeshadow and eyeliner, starting on the top eyelashes close to the roots and work down and under the lashes. Place a facial tissue under the eye carefully to prevent any mascara hiccups.
  • Apply mascara very lightly on the lower lashes.
  • An eyelash comb is useful to prevent any clumping of the mascara by combing through the eyelashes before mascara has dried.
  • It makes the eyelashes look more natural and not heavy and stuck together. This type of brush generally comes with a brush part which is ideal for keeping the eyebrows in check.

Lipstick Shade

take your bridal flowers into consideration when choosing lipstick.
take your bridal flowers into consideration when choosing lipstick. | Source


  • You want a blush that gives a natural glow to the cheeks. Powder blush is applied after face powder; creme blush is applied before face powder.
  • For weddings I would suggest powder as it is more defining for photographs but may still be natural looking.
  • A good universal flattering shade is a coral-pink tone with a small shimmer or matte finish.


  • Lips need to be in good condition so make a lip scrub recipe to recondition your lips keeping them soft, smooth and supple. This should be included in your weekly skin care routine and not left till the last minute. It will make all the difference to your lipstick application, look and ability to last on the lips. Outline the lips lightly with a lip pencil matching the color to your lipstick. It prevents the lipstick bleeding over the natural lip line and makes the lips more defined.
  • The lipstick choice is important. You want one that will compliment you, your coloring, skin tone and work with your flowers and possibly bridesmaid colors. Apply a lip stain first which really lasts well. Next apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Apply a light dusting of loose powder on your lip brush and reapply your lipstick.
  • To remove any “lippy on the teeth” stick your index finger into the mouth with the lips closed around it, and pull it out. This removes any excess color.
  • Try out your lipstick before purchasing by bringing your own lip brush and applying testers with it. Look at shades in daylight and do not get any highly shimmered products. If you like lip gloss then choose a clear one to apply over your lipstick for evening.

Make Up Artist or DIY for Wedding Makeup?

See results

Enjoy Your Wedding Day ~

Doing your own makeup even if you are a beginner, is doable and just requires a little practice so you are comfortable with how it will look and how long it will take you so you are not rushing and panicking on the day.

At the end of the day remember it is you and your groom’s special day so relax and enjoy every minute of it.

Author Info ~

Information on the author, her bio and full body of works available @ Suzie HQ

Credit to homesteadbound ~

All dividers used in this hub are used with permission granted on hub, Creating Dividers to Use on Your Hubs


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