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Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Updated on May 30, 2012

Choose one of wedding hairstyles for short hair

If you’ve been leafing through a multitude of magazines trying to find the best wedding hairstyles for short hair, you’re not alone. There are a thousand women out there who have the same problem as you. Sometimes you may feel confused, sometimes even worse. Whatever it is, don’t get pulled into doing anything drastic for your wedding. Find a style that will suit you and still have you looking like yourself. That is very important especially for your wedding day. As you read the article don’t imagine the extravagant or overly exquisite. Imagine fabulously simple styles that won’t have you worried or stressed out for your wedding. Here are some great wedding hairstyles for short hair.

The Side Sweep

This can make a wonderful hairstyle if you have short straight hair. The hair is smoothed out and combed to the naturally flowing side. To bring a variation to this style, partition your hair a little off-center. This will allow more hair to fall over to the side creating an illusion of sweet elegance. The rest of the hair on the side should be combed smooth downwards. If you were to top it up with a tiara or a crown, the hairstyle will be absolutely stunning. Beautiful is what you will be.

Wedding haircut for short hair

Cute Short Hairstyle for your special day

One of the easier wedding hairstyles for short hair is the cute short off-center part style. All you have to do in this style is to part your hair off-center to about an inch and comb smooth the hair on either sides and to the back. On the longer side use an attractive stone-studded clip to fasten your hair at the top. The hair should be at least ear-lobe length to achieve a perfect look. It’s cute and gorgeous. Try it out and you’ll be left wondering why you haven’t tried this before.

Short Tapered Hairstyle

This hairstyle requires you hair to be cut with tapering ends at the sides. You will need to use a texturizing spray on your hair while lifting it with your hair. This is done in order to achieve some volume at the crown. Create a wide part and smooth the hair. You may need to use a flat iron to smooth the hair and wax to help. Finish the style with a floral headband. Place the headpiece strategically so that there is just enough hair in front of it and enough at the back to show the volume.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair tutorial

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