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Wedge Boots | Beauteous Foot Angles

Updated on August 31, 2010
Tristan Blair Leiza Wedge Boots, 270.00
Tristan Blair Leiza Wedge Boots, 270.00

Wedge boots are so in right now. If you don't know what wedge boots are, you should broil your head in shame, or alternatively, keep reading. The keeping reading option is probably less painful. What are wedge boots? They're high heeled boots that instead of having a stiletto or chunky heel, instead have solid wedgeness keeping your feet angled at an appealing percentage of degrees without the frail half-promise of a little heel bearing the brunt of your bulk.

Wedge boots come in a wide variety of styles, colors and political orientations.They're sometimes short boots, coming up slightly above the ankles. Other times they're long boots, reaching to the knee or higher. Regardless of what they look like, they're everywhere. Really. Just this afternoon I found a pair lurking under my couch doing their best to reproduce with one another.

What do we think about wedge boots? Well wedge boots certainly have an interesting aesthetic, reminding me strongly of a party I once attended in which several party-goers put fake ears on their heads, took bits in their mouths and clip clopped about the place neighing and pretending to nibble at hay. In other words, wedge boots make the wearer look a little bit like they have hooves.

That's not going to stop people wearing them though. Fashion trends have such power that no matter how ugly or disfigured the trend may make the wearer look (just a few cases in point being, shoulder pads, perms, blue eye shadow and harem pants) people will nevertheless buy wedge boots because they're in, and being in means you're not out, which on some primitive level, makes people feel safer in society, less likely to be picked off by a predator on their lunch break.

Wedge boots look good with long skirts, medium length skirts and short skirts. They go well with tweed and plaid and organic cotton. They are best worn with simple accessories that reflect a solid disposition. Think large dangly earrings, chunky pendant necklaces and that voodoo charm your Great Aunt Agnes brought back from the Congo.

Think about pursuing the boxy bag trend along with the wedge boots, not to mention Greige nail color. This season is all about being solid and neutral, it's about blending into the walls, corners, park benches. It's about being stylishly reliable, like a Toyota Corolla - but simultaneously sleek, like a river eel.

Good luck.


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