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Engagement Rings for Men?

Updated on September 22, 2012

Should a man ring finger remain bare until the wedding?

By: Anastasia Vaughan

With society more than a decade into the modern era of the millennium it isn’t hard to see that the society and the world as we once knew is changing right around us. With more than 35 % of household having the women go to work outside the home as the homes sole bread winners it isn’t hard to believe that relationships are in for a major overhaul and the time in which we once described as change in the future is officially now. Now wither or not you’d be willing to gift your potential husband with an engagement band is something we’ll definitely leave up to you to decide. However, if the research that the New York Times the latest romantic trend in wedding engagement is the new era of engagement rings for men. Before over looking the trend as an expensive waste of money. You may want to consider the amount of feminist psychology that goes into the idea of putting a ring on it earlier than expected.

Some of the reasons a woman might rationalize that putting a ring on it is the right thing to do would be the fact that a ring symbolizes a woman is off limits from the moment she becomes engaged. Men walking around with the ring less fingers may present a danger before the making it to the alter when other women who are clearly on the prowl look at their bare finger. Women may worry that obligation is what is needed to keep the perceived weak man in line. Why should a woman wear a ring before marriage that symbolizes a loss in freedom than men don’t traditionally wear? These rings don’t have to be feminine and are custom made to blend in with the lifestyle of the functionally single yet about to be married man. If a man is going to wear a ring after he is married than why delay the commitment he promised to make the moment he uttered the question of marriage to begin with?

Women are increasing grabbing on to the trend and find the idea to be a favorable one which helps maintain equality even in the touchy area of love. So the next time you see yourself in your dreams engaged to married as a woman ask yourself one question. Is the era of the male engagement ring going to hit home anytime soon?


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