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Does The Inside Of My Purse Tell A Story About Me?

Updated on July 31, 2013

How-to Tell if Something's Wrong in Your Life

If you haven't had sex in six months and your bills are piling up, the snow is like a frozen tundra outside, and you're asked by the same needy person to do them a favor, is there something else much deeper going on in your life?

If you want to know how you're doing in life at any given moment look in your purse. Unless you're one of those women who carries a removable divided purse pouch and places it neatly in each purse you use, this may be for you.

A good friend of mine and I were searching through our large purses looking for polish and nail files one night. She said to me, "You know, a woman's purse tells the story of how life is for her at any time." I thought about it for a minute and realized that everything was all over the place in my purse. I was going through a stressful medical problem, my major relationship in life was on the rocks, I had no car, I had no money, no job, no insurance, and no place to live.That night on the carpet in front of my friends big screen TV I realized she was right. My purse looked like I lived in it. There were no pretty little matching bags to hold paper and pen, cosmetics, important papers, or for whatever I had in there. I really didn't know. It was a mess.

I don't care if you're sloppy or neat, when things end up in disarray something's going on in your life. Soon I started to think of other things that could give away my state in life. My car was a mess. I hadn't had it detailed since I bought it from a busy doctor who couldn't keep the car together. When I finally did get in there with a scrub brush it dawned on me that this was another barometer. Something telling me things weren't right. It was as if I was being asked, "What in the world is going on?" I did think that at the time when I was cleaning my car on a 100 degree day in the bright hot sun.

Another thing that can act as a gauge for how things are going is the condition of your closet. Is everything hung up in the wrong place? Are there things in there you haven't worn in ten years? Are your shoes piled up at the bottom? Can you reach the things on the top shelf? When I looked at my closet during this tough time I couldn't find anything. My bedroom and the living room were filled with boxes and mismatched containers. The dogs ate some of my important documents. I was at my wits end and all of this spoke to that.

Then I looked at my social media page and it was not what I wanted it to be. I had contacts I had to add, people I had to defriend, photos I had to change, and I had to update my profile. All of this shows that I wasn't paying attention to anything.

I noticed after that, that my gym membership, and my nutrition center membership had expired.. There are so many ways to check and see if your life's upside down. Sometimes you're so wrapped up in it, you can't see it. You can't see what's happening to you when it's right in front of your face.

Be aware of the little things like the condition of purses, homes, cars, itineraries , social media, and your hairbrush, that can tell you if you're not quite right with the world. It is important. It can be a way to stave off disaster before it happens, or at least before it gets too bad.


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    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 6 years ago

      Very wise words.

      Thank God that I get the chance to read it.

      Thank you for sharing us this wisdom.

      I voted "UP" & "Awesome", Shared with followers & on Twitter.

      Sure, I will be a keen follower.

    • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

      SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

      yup..i hear ya...i already acknowledge my life is off husband died in the summer...i bought a great big bag and filled it with 'stuff' day soon, i'll go back to carrying a much smaller bag - like i used to...these days i carry around alot of 's*it'...i'm okay with that since i recognize why...and yup my closet needs a good cleaning - just not right now....i luv your hub, it's a good one!...perfect timing for me!...thanks!...and it made me smile and chuckle!