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What Do You Mean You Won’t Sell Me The Display Hair Paste?

Updated on March 25, 2009

My Mother hadn’t washed her own hair until she was in her forties. She was from the old school where nice married Jewish ladies went to the salon twice a week and you paid someone else to wash and style your hair. So to say that I spent a lot of my childhood in a salon is an understatement. I spent a lot of time (as did my brother) waiting for our mother to come out from underneath that space aged looking dryer hat thing on her head and get a “comb out.” You can’t spend this much time around salons and not pick a few things up about how they work and how they shouldn’t work. And as I say, “I’m a gay of all trades” (I’ve worked in almost every stereotypical gay job for at least ten minutes) and therefore I know just enough to criticize everything. So when I recently dashed into the salon where I’ve been going for years to get some hair products I expected to easily walk out with the products I required. Such was not the case. True, it was an “off” time, my stylist nor any of the stylists I’ve grown to know were working but what should that matter? When I couldn’t find my hair “paste” I asked at the counter only to be told by the girl that they were out. Quickly I said, “Well, sell me one of the ones you have on display.” I was shocked that I was told no. Not only was I told no, I was given what I can only assume was a bad lie. “I can’t sell you the display one because then Shu Uemura will take away our license to sell the products.” Disgusted, I purchased the gel that I needed and walked out sans paste. (Why I bought the gel is beyond me but I did.) As I walked to my car, my outrage was palpable, what do you mean you won’t sell me the display hair paste? – Don’t Get Me Started!

Look, as a gay of all trades I worked retail for many years of my life and I’ve encountered this stupidity before but I can tell you that if and when I encounter it again I won’t buy anything from the store in question even if it’s some sort of medication that I need to stay alive. I don’t understand the mentality behind keeping a display in tact at the cost of losing a sale. I don’t understand it at all. And the people who don’t “let” you buy something from the display are only doing so because some faggy display person told them not to disturb the display at any cost. What both the sales clerk and the faggy display person don’t understand is that a sale is a sale and that sale pays for both of their salaries, so if you have something in stock (be it in a box or on display) sell the damn thing so that you can get a paycheck. True I’m sure there are stores that have these policies but once again they are also quite simply WRONG!

In the case of the now infamous hair paste, there were two of the round containers on the shelf. One was lying down and the other on top of it on its side. So there was in fact not only one on display but two therefore should there really be a clause in the Shu Uemura (I keep using the name of the product’s company because I hope they have some savvy marketing intern that looks for blogs with their product name and that they send me an apology as well as a lifetime supply of products) if the contract indeed states that there has to be one of each product on display they could have easily given me one and kept the other on display without worry about the big bad Shu Uemura.

I’ll be honest, I’m a gay in his forties who is battling being twenty pounds overweight and watching what used to be a boyish face turn older every minute (there is no portrait of Dorian Scott in my closet taking the aging process for me) so the one thing I can control is the hair that still remains on my head. That’s right, I’m a gay with what some consider disposable income if I can spend thirty bucks on a tube of what in essence is probably no different than Dippity Doo. So if I were you Shu Uemura (and the salon) I wouldn’t come between me and the only thing I can control looking good at the moment. Will my stylist hear about this? You bet. Will I ever buy any products from them again? No. You see, what the salon failed to realize today (or at least the anemic girl in black) is that there’s a thing called “online” now and we don’t have to be treated like shit and still buy the product from you that helps pay your salary. Within a few clicks (thank you Google) I not only had the option to buy it online but I had a list of eight other salons near me that sell the product. Rest assured I will be calling one of the other salons for the product and I will have my hair paste before the week is out.

Look, times are bad right now. The economy is in the toilet and people are cutting back. They’re looking at everything they purchase and are wondering whether or not they should. I splurge on one thing, hair care products. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have the most extensive display that I call the “hair care graveyard” under my sink. A barrage of broken promises in little bottles, I believed the side of them that told me it would make my hair thicker, shinier, or something else and when it didn’t, it was too expensive to just throw out so it was buried under my sink with the rest of the little expensive elixirs of liquid and lies until years later I would throw them away disgusted at the price tag and how long I had kept them. So if you have some hair paste, you only have the one on display and someone wants to pay thirty bucks for it, sell them the one on display. You can come between us gays and a lot things but sometimes we have to draw the line, consider mine drawn. What do you mean you won’t sell me the display hair paste? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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P.S. I have recently been told by salon owners and employees alike that the girl did the right thing by not selling the sample. I'm still not convinced. 


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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      Teresa, the big things (death, etc.) I can's the little stuff that makes me crazy.

    • Teresa McGurk profile image

      Sheila 8 years ago from The Other Bangor

      Scott --May your worries never be any greater than this! Oh, and I hope the SHU UEMURA people do indeed read this and give you some SHU UEMURA (whatever that is, I have no idea!). All the best, Teresa.