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What Does Hair Say About a Woman?

Updated on September 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Do not be fooled. Just because you see only one side of anything, do not forget there is always another side to it. Between publishing hubs,

Re-remembering The Cowsills.

Here Goes Everything

that I know about women’s hair. Notice that I did not say I know about women. Sure I wish that I did know about women, but since I don’t, that presents such a loving-memory for me and the rest of us guys. Even if I had favors called in my legendary detectives: Charlie Chan, Sherlock Holmes, and Peter Falk’s “Columbo” character, even they would come up short in helping find out everything about women. I give you my word I can hear the old popular song standard, “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody,” and no, I am not a singer, so there you have it.

A woman’s hair has so much to say about her personality, likes, dislikes, everything there is to know about a woman is on the top of her head. Bet some of you guys never knew this. And as many as there are women and women’s occupations—CEO’s, lawyers, doctor’s, receptionists, nurses, writer’s, and military personnel, these special ladies all have a personal and distinct hairstyle that is their own. This coincides with the various personalities of each woman.

Such Thick, Beautiful Hair.


Now Let’s Take a Moment

and share a few of the hair-based phrases that have become such a part of our language, slang, and society: A little dab'll do ya ( Brylcreem advertising slogan; As fine as frog's hair; As mad as a march hare; Bad hair day; Big wig; Bleached blonde; Blonde ambition; Blonde bombshell; Blondes have more funl Bottle blonde and By the hairs on my chinny chin chin. I could share more, but I feel that I have the Most-Intelligent Followers anywhere that you understand these terms completely. Well except one: Not splitting-hairs, but the hairstyles for women could and may just go a long way in getting this piece finished.

It is an amazing fact that when we are all born, we have little or no hair and that is all cool by me. But as time and life goes on, that fact, (especially for guys), is NOT fine and certainly NOT cool. And the main reason why us guys (in our young days) try to keep our hair oh, so articulate is not really for us, but for those pretty single girls who live around us. Please tell me that I am wrong.

So if you do not mind, I will try to share a few of my personal thoughts about women and their hairstyles and see if my thoughts agree with yours.

Time For The Hairstyles to Speak

Over My 65-Years of Living-- I have been around several women who have jobs in the Business Sector and this one time, when I sold advertising for our local newspaper, I had to talk to a receptionist and set-up an appointment in order to see the boss of this business in order for him to see my ad products, but as soon as I viewed her “Out of Space” Hairdo, which was one side combed tight to the top of her head while the other side was tied back to her neck and she whispered as she talked. I pegged her to be a New Ager who do not use terms like “I,” “You,” or “Me,”and I see why.

Her Hair Fits Her Personality.


I Have Had The Pure Pleasure of – working with a woman who had the thickest head of hair that I had ever seen. The color was perfect and the style was unobtrusive as she was. Her work ethic was near-perfect, always staying until the project was finished. And as for her personality, she always wanted someone else to get the glory instead of her. And in this business where she worked that was very rare. She definitely fit her hairstyle.

I Had The Opportunity – to visit a bigger town to make a few ad calls, and I met this Production Secretary at one of the offices where my newspaper did business and she was a doll. Her hair was permed from the scalp to the end of each strand of hair—to be honest it was all that I could do to just walk away from looking at her hair and as I walked away, she was talking to several customers and was so genuine in her delivery that it was no wonder that because of her hair, she was an excellent employee.

I Met The Nicest – office manager not long after I began being blessed with new ad clients, and one of the businesses office manager, I forget her name, but not her personality. She had straight blond hair to her shoulders and was wearing such a large smile that it was impossible to say anything but nice things. Yes, her hairstyle told me that she was real, honest, and genuine.

Of Course, To Be Honest – there was this girl, a check-out cashier for one of our speedy-merchandise 24-hour convenient stores. I had just gotten off work very late and went by this business to grab a cup of coffee and this loud-mouthed bleach blond walked up to the counter, dropped her cigarette on the floor and I noticed that her hair, although thick and attractive, was tied up with a bandanna and she looked the part of a true hang-over. Yep. Hair style fit the girl.

As for me, there is no danger for me to let someone gauge my hairstyle since I have so little hair.

September 9, 2019__________________________________________________

Her Personality All Business But Very Nice.


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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