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What Does Your Silk Scarf Say About You?

Updated on August 25, 2015

 Our choices, big and small, say a lot about us and who we are. This is true whether it refer to our partners, our homes, our employment, our vehicles and our clothing. This is even true about our silk scarves. What do people think about our choice of this accessory?

Is it plain?

 If you opt for a plain silk scarf, you may be sending out mixed messages. Some may think you chose it because of its cost. Plain scarves are, after all perceived as cheaper than the patterned ones. They will think, “It is all you can afford.” Other people may consider you to be practical. A plain scarf can go with most outfits. This may also suggest, however, you cannot afford several silk scarves. Furthermore, someone may interpret your choice as indicative of an unadventurous soul. A plain scarf may indicate to some, you dare not make a bold statement but stick with the safe and simple.

 While it is not necessarily true that a patterned scarf or shawl is more expensive – this is more the result of the work that goes into it, it does imply the wearer is more confident and more  aware of who she is

Is it good quality silk?

 There is no such things as “just silk.” The quality of the fabric depends upon a number of variables indicated by the flow, the drape and the overall sensation of the material. If you do not understand this, your choice of a lesser quality silk fabric will result in your label as being a cheapskate or silk ignoramus. If you opt, instead, for 100% pure silk fabric, you are stating your ability to differentiate between dross and class. You are proving your uttermost worth. You are revealing you know you are worth the very best.

Is it printed or handmade?

 Printed designs are common, especially for retail outlet silk scarves. These reflect uniformity, mundanity and an overall lack of creativity. This even holds true with the designer scarves if they are the result of a printed pattern. This is not fashion awareness. It is indicative of someone who follows and does not set fashion.

 This is not the case with hand-painted and created silk scarves. They utilize completely unique patterns. They shout out individuality. They cry out the wearer boldly proceeds to set her own trends and willingly lets the world see her for whom she is.

There is often the issue of quality versus price when you talk about handmade versus printed silk. It is often the belief that, merely based on price, a printed Chanel or Hermes scarf is a quality item. The problem with this argument is what it ignores. A designer scarf is comprised of a printed design. The wearer is paying excessively for the brand name. Alternatively, a creatively made, hand painted silk scarf is true quality. It features an original design and fine craftsmanship for approximately the cost of a designer article. True silk scarves and shawls indicate the elegant and distinctive nature of their wearer.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • aries3296 profile image

      Jeannie Ramirez 6 years ago from South Florida, USA

      I agree, it is that splash of color that sets off a classic black dress. It creates an entirely different look. Nice!

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 6 years ago from West Kootenays

      What is it about a little black dress & matching shoes. Then a colorful scarf. The perfect ensemble!