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What Is The Most Comfortable Bra, Ever: Top 6 Comfy Reviews

Updated on September 26, 2014

Strapless, Sports, Underwire, Wireless Or Push Up: What's The Most Comfortable Bra?

It’s the perpetual quest of women everywhere: the search for the most comfortable bra ever. There’s nothing quite so wonderful as finding a bra that supports without digging in, a bra that still feels great at the end of a long day, the bra that is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it.
I’ve been on this quest myself, and I’ve collected a list of the best ever, most comfortable bras; and because I know what treasures they are, I thought I’d share some of the goods - so you can save some time searching, and get on with being comfy. Whatever type of bra you need - be it strapless, sports, underwire, or for a generously large chest - you’ll find the most comfortable one in the world here. Shall we?

Whatever The Type, A Crucial Component To The Most Comfortable Bra Is The Right Size!

One crucial component to having your bras be comfortable is to make sure you’re wearing the right size! Enlist the help of a friend, or your partner, to take your measurements. Then use this chart to figure out your ideal size range. Starting off with the right idea of your size will go a long way towards helping you find the most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn!


Bali Comfort Indulgence Demo

What Is The Most Comfortable Underwire Bra? Bali Comfort Indulgence Review

Let’s start with the most comfortable underwire bra. Many women swear by underwire bras due to their support and excellent shape. But, it’s no fun to have a wire poking you in the rib, or to have the girls not quite settled if the wire isn’t a comfy shape.

Luckily, Bali has come up with the ultimate answer for any woman: The Comfort Indulgence Smoothing Underwire bra. This bra has it all; a smooth cup so you can wear it under anything, a comfortable strap that doesn’t dig in, and even a ‘Cool Comfort’ feature - designed to help keep you comfortable by wicking moisture away.
Another great feature of this bra is the wider back, which still looks great but is made to create a smooth back view under any shirt. And, it looks attractive. Reviews claim that this bra is indeed incredibly smooth, flattering, and most important of all - comfortable!


What Is The Most Comfortable Sports Bra: Review Of The Fiona

Next, let’s talk about the most comfortable sports bra ever. Moving Comfort is a company dedicated to keeping women comfortable and supported during exercise. The ‘Fiona’ is their best seller, and it’s easy to see why.

Fiona Sports Bra By Moving Comfort

Fiona Sports Bra Demo

The Fiona is designed to give unparalleled support to any cup size, and offers seam-free molded ‘Powermesh’ cups - which securely encapsulate and support your chest, using compression to limit movement, while neatly avoiding the dreaded ‘uniboob’ look. These features make this a particularly awesome bra for women with larger cup sizes, for whom finding a supportive sports bra can be a challenge.
Another plus is that this bra has a wide back band that won’t dig in, and The Fiona also has a handy feature of straps that adjust from the front, so you can tweak things to remain comfortable even in the middle of a workout or a run. More than 1200 stellar reviews back up the Fiona’s claim to be the most comfortable sports bra ever; and, as a bonus, it looks great.


Maidenform Comfort Devotion: Strapless & Comfortable - The Most Versatile, Wearable Convertible Bra Ever

When it come to most bras, strapless and comfortable don’t always go hand-in-hand; I’ve experienced many years of frustration searching for a bra to wear with summer sundresses and tops, only to have my strap-free bra alternate between digging in and falling down - most annoying. If ever there were a bra you want to be comfortable, this is it.

Maidenform’s Comfort Devotion line is designed for - you guessed it - comfort; and miraculously, they have in fact produced a most comfortable strapless bra. The Comfort Devotion Strapless Multi-Way bra is incredibly versatile, as it can be worn multiple ways. Primarily it will serve you as your go-to bra for any outfit in which you don’t want straps peeking out.
This strapless bra offers a natural-looking amount of boost, and features a ‘Stay There Power’ band, which means it won’t drive you crazy by slipping down every five minutes and needing to be re-adjusted all the time. The fabric is silky smooth and soft. Reviews are very positive on this strapless bra, claiming that it is comfortable, flattering, and most of all, stays put - perfect.


What's The Most Comfortable Push-Up Bra: The Wonder Of Gel Review

Many women (myself included) favor the push-up bra - that architectural wonder that magically gives us an extra cup size or two. However, push up type bras with architectural components are not always the most comfortable or easiest to wear all day.

Enter Wonderbra’s The Wonder Of Gel Satin Push-Up Bra. This may be the most comfortable push-up bra ever - and it looks great. Lightweight gel pads provide lift, yet are comfy at the same time. The fabric is satiny smooth and seamless. This bra reviews very well and is extremely comfortable for all cup sizes.


What Is The Most Comfortable Bra For Large Breasts: Review Of The Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate

For most women with large breasts, finding a bra that is comfortable enough to wear all day can be a major challenge. If you’ve yet to find a bra that doesn’t leave you with shoulder welts or backache, you have got to try the 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Bra by Playtex.

This bra has everything you could want - support, comfort, and good looks - and all without underwire.
Playtex claims this bra for large breasts will be the most comfortable you’ve ever worn - up to18 hours at a time, and according to reviews, this claim is true. The bra offers shapely straps made from a soft and cushioned material. The cups are designed to lift and separate, with support built in from the bottom - putting less pressure on your shoulders. And, this isn’t a ‘granny bra’; with attractive fabric and feminine styling, it looks as good as it feels.
After trying this bra, many reviewers admit to immediately purchasing several more - and if that’s not the best recommendation for comfort in a bra, I don’t know what is.


What Is The Most Comfortable Bra? Review Of The Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless: The Most Comfy Overall

Underwire is great, but in my opinion a bra without wires will always win. Wireless bras fit more naturally to the body, and are no doubt the most comfortable; the challenge is to find a wireless bra that is also supportive.

Bali Comfort Revolution Demo

Bali, as always, is one of the best brands to turn to when looking for comfort, and in my opinion their Women’s Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra is the be-all, end-all, most comfortable bra in the world. Well, I haven’t combed the entire world yet, but so far... this is it! This bra is easy to purchase thanks to Bali’s ‘Smart Sizes’ - order a small for 34C, 34D, 36B, and 36C; a medium for 36D, 36DD, 38B, and 38C; a large for 38D, 38DD, 40B, and 40C; and an XL for 40D and higher.
This bra features smooth, stretchable foam lining within the cups, providing comfort and modesty. The material is seamless and has ‘knit-in’ zones that give the bra support and shape. The band is designed to be incredibly comfortable. Women review this wireless bra as being incredibly comfortable - most end up purchasing several more. Overall, if you’re looking for wireless and comfy in a bra that is supportive and attractive, buy this one.


Your Next Step: What Is The Most Comfortable Bra You’ve Ever Owned

Every woman has different needs in a bra, and it only makes sense that all of us will have different favorites. Whether it's a bra for large breasts, a sports or strapless bra, with underwire, or wireless, within this list, there’s a comfortable bra to suit any woman’s needs. The most important thing is to not give up until you find one that makes you want to jump for joy - your comfort is worth it!
Now I’d love to hear from you. Girlfriends are often my number one source of information - and I think bra-shopping is definitely something we are most likely to ask our friends about before buying. Do you have a favorite comfortable bra? And what style of bra do you usually wear? Let’s share in the comments!

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