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What Is the Best Cologne for Young Men?

Updated on December 27, 2012


Before talking about the best cologne for young men, there is something that needs to be clarified. It is a popular belief that colognes are for men, and perfumes are for women. Although women prefer perfumes and men colognes, two names are for the varying concentration of the oils that cause the smell, not to distinguish the particular sex it was intended for. Perfumes are stronger than colognes.

Perfumes were widely used in the 1600s while colognes did show up until the 1700s. Created in Germany, in the city of Cologne (hence the name), it does not have a particular inventor. There is still a debate on which Italian, Paul Feminis or Giovanni Maria Farina, actually discovered the fragrance first. The product originally had both cosmetic and medical applications.

Nowadays there are a lot of brands of cologne being available, and younger men often ask the question "What is the best cologne for young men?" As the term "best" is very subjective, so it is hard to nominate just a few to be the best. But there are popular brands that are esteemed highly than others. A look at some of the top cologne brands available can assist in choosing the best type of cologne to suit one's personality and desire.

But remember, when it comes to fashion (Yes, fragrance is part of fashion, too) you have to try and find out what works for you. But here are some brands to keep in mind next time you go shopping.


Gucci makes high quality colognes as well as other expensive things they sell. Gucci adds different notes into its colognes including cedar, lemon and spicy pink pepper. Gucci's colognes are somewhat bold, so that should be considered. There are different men's colognes by Gucci to choose from: Gucci Intense, Gucci guilty, Gucci Pour Homme II, and Simply Gucci. And for the price, Gucci's men's colognes are very affordable compared to other things they sell, price ranging from $60 to $90.


Davidoff (Yes, the company that makes tobacco goods) makes different colognes, the most popular ones being the Cool Water (fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine) and Adventure Amazonia (rain forest aromas). These colognes are believed to be the 'women magnet' by some men. (Take it or leave it, its your choice) In Cool water, there are a lot of note like peppermint, coriander, oak, jasmine and moss but all these are balanced and combined perfectly to produce an amazing fragrance. There are a lot of fake Davidoff bottles and so there is need to be careful when purchasing one. Consider purchasing Cool Water for a first date, it has that fresh and clean fragrance that you may need.

Calvin Klein Eternity

The Calvin Klein Eternity for men has an aroma that is flowery, this is a result of the fact that it contains lavender, rosewood and jasmine. The said flowery smell is balanced by the use of musk, sandalwood and rosewood. This particular product is perfect for outdoor, daytime summer activities and dates and note that few colognes are perfect for summer activities. Most young men may be put-off though due to the flowery fragrance.

Code Black by Giorgio Armani

Code Black by Giorgio Armani has an awe some fragrance has a clean, light definitive and sexy smell. The olive flowery note merges well with the base woody notes. This should be used in the nights, most especially in towns, can also be worn on less formal evening events.


Burberry is a brand that is trendy these days as far as cologne is concerned. Its products possess a scent that is popular with ladies and is also liked by young men who take pride in the way their smell and looks. The Brit for men is included among the best designer scents of the post Cool Water era, produced by Davidoff. It contains notes of ginger, cardamom, green mandarin and bergamot. This is undoubtedly one of the best men's cologne available on the market.

Dior Homme

Christian Dior's Dior Homme is simply a masterpiece of men's fragrance. The joining of Iris and cocoa is nothing short of exquisite, a masterstroke if you will. It contains other notes of leather, vetiver, sage and bergamot. This is a sophisticated and elegant fragrance that women like. It should worn on dates, regardless of the timing, whether in the noon or in the evening

Eau Savage

Eau Savage is a statement cologne that has a masculine, lively and young touch to it. When it is applied and then wears in, it leaves a slightly lemon and acid leather scent. It suits the young that are fit and have that sharp look. It may not go well with with older men who are losing hair and/or are overweight. This is a classic, termed the original manly cologne and rightfully so.

Canali Men

Canali Men, is another good cologne with a lot of floral and citrus notes, it is a light fragrant but yet classy and distinctive at the same time. Yes it is light but still showy in a sense, perfect for young men in their twenties.

Terre d'Hermes

Hermes's Terre d'Hermes has a woody and dry scent. This scent continually evolves till expiration.


Though the Chanel brand is mostly associated with ladies, it also does have some good cologne for men. The Blue De Chanel, Egoiste, Allure home, Pour monsieur and Antaeus are good examples of cologne by channel. Egotiste is arguably the best cologne produced by chanel. With that woody smell and floral note, it is a confident smell.


When answering the question "what is the best cologne for young men" one's age, the season, and special events should be considered. Much as we all appreciate good fragrances regardless of our age, a 13 year old teenager wearing a $300 cologne to his middle school is just ridiculous. But if you are in college and starting dating for real, the brands mentioned above may guide you to find the cologne that works for you.

It is also worth noting that colognes react to body heat and your natural skin's smell, so try them on your bare skin such as your wrist or neck before you buy them.

There are many other brands on the market that answer the question "what is the best cologne for young men?", And so young men have no excuse for smelling sweaty or any other bad odor. And if you have no clue about what to get, ask your girl friend, or somebody's girl friend and ask.


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    • CyberSyllables profile image

      CyberSyllables 5 years ago from London

      good hub man! I like Bleu de Chanel,out of all those

      you've mentioned,and I am 37.


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