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Does Tight Underware Cause Nightmares?

Updated on June 18, 2020

By Cherokeemom

Have you ever gotten free samples of new products or send away to get free sample products? Well I have and I did, and as soon as I received a sample of the undergarment product I decided to try out the new sample that night.

I have used undergarments similar to the new sample ones and examined them closely for comparison. The inch size did not seem to match the chart size (S, M, L, XL). There was an actual waistband which was different from the other products I had used. The new material felt really nice and appeared to be very flexible, and also appeared comfortable.

So after my shower, I put them on for the night. They are very snug and firm fitting but still appeared to be comfortable except I noticed right away that the band kept rolling down and I felt I had to keep pulling it up. Well I tucked myself in and laid down for the long needed rest.

This seemed so real . . .

This seemed so real I shivered and opened my eyes, and it was as if I had traveled back in time and I was a different person.

It felt as if I had been daydreaming. I was on my front porch sweeping the dust from my steps and watching my three year old son carrying a thermos of cold ice tea to his daddy who was working the fields on his tractor near by.

My son advised me that he was going to “help daddy for a little while”

I was talking to my husband on our “walkie-talkie” type of phone letting him know that the baby was bringing his morning tea and his breakfast sandwich.

When my son advised me that he was going to “help daddy for a little while” translation: What he wanted was to ride the tractor with dad. I asked my husband to meet him by the circle road. My husband laughed and said that boy is already hard working like his momma. We both laughed and I said I love you and be careful with my boy.

How we purchased our land and began building our home

I began thinking back on how we purchased our land and began building our home. We decided to pave an additional long semi circle drive off our main driveway to make it convenient to get to our barn and equipment and so the school bus could pick the children up and get back on the road with out having to do a lot of backing up. Our farm was the last one on the “paved road” and after a few hundred feet it turned back into a gravel road. All the land on both sides of this dirt road was now ours.

We acquired most of the land over the years as the former owners who, either moved away or passed away. The access road that was originally cut out by the county started and ran between several acres of farm land allowing large trucks and equipment access to the land for cultivation.

Our neighbors would use our paved turn around from time to time giving a friendly honk or wave.

I had a really strange feeling come over me.

As I continued sweeping dust off the steps I had a really strange feeling come over me, when I saw a large white semi-truck with no trailer, turn into our driveway. He stopped, and I just figured he was going to turn around. I didn’t recognize the driver. I glanced and saw my son was already still walking toward the barn. The truck shifted into gear and started driving up our drive way – he suddenly turned towards the barn. Stopped next to my son and grabbed him and threw him into the cab of his truck.

How could this be happening?

I screamed for my husband and told him to block the white semi because the man had grabbed the baby. How could this be happening? I jumped into my car with my broom still in my hand, screaming for the man to let my son go. My husband had been successful blocking the driveway so he could not get out and I had blocked it with my car so he could not back up.

We called the local sheriff and asked him to send a car out, that a man had tried to kidnap our son.

As I approached the truck the man stepped out stating that this was a mistake he thought the boy was lost. I hit him as hard as I could with my broom and my husband came over and grabbed him.

We called the local sheriff and asked him to send a car out, that a man had tried to kidnap our son. My husband took the man to the barn to restrain him until the sheriff arrived.

I entered the cab of the truck only to see my son hovered on the passenger side of the floor sobbing. He was so frightened that he soiled his pants and he kept saying, “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry mommy,” I grabbed him in my arms and asked why are you saying you're sorry? He said that man hurt me and I pooped my pants and dropped daddy’s tea. I hugged him and told him that he had nothing to be sorry for and we would get him cleaned up.

As I cleaned my son up I noticed marks on his body and it was obvious that this man meant to do harm to my son. I held my son until he fell asleep in my arms. I placed him on my bed and I asked my sister to keep an eye on him.

I went to see what was going on at the barn. I went into the barn and my husband had the man tied to a post seated on a small stool. I was so angry I went over and slapped this man with my closed fist. I asked him what was he doing grabbing my child.

“No one will put a hand on my baby."

He kept saying “this is just a misunderstanding; I thought the boy was lost, and was going to take him to the town”. I hit him again and said “LIAR!!” I walked over and picked up one of my husbands large knives. I pulled his head back by the hair and put the knife to his throat. I told him if he didn’t tell me the truth I was going to cut him from ear to ear. My husband kept saying put that knife down the sheriff can take care of this. I looked at my husband and screamed “NO ONE WILL PUT A HAND ON MY BABY".

Was all this just a dream?

I began coughing and choking and I found myself in my bed choking and trying to get out of bed. Thinking to myself, – what just happened? Was all this just a bad dream? I had to go to the bathroom and as I approached the bathroom I noticed how uncomfortable my underwear was. It had irritated my scars, and the inside of both my inner and outer thighs.

I was not happy at all with this sample product.

The leg openings were two small and did not expand well enough to be comfortable There were holes in the fabric from where I kept trying to pull up the garment as it kept rolling down below my stomach. The garment was not long enough in the front to keep the band from rolling down. The band kept rolling and bunching on one of my surgical scars and really irritated the area. I have had multiple surgeries on my abdominal area and due to the tight fit I felt like I had just been beat up. I was not happy at all with this sample product.

Suddenly I realized the discomfort I was feeling from this product may have stimulated the horrible dream I just had. I want to contact the manufacture because I really had problems with this “new” product and wanted them to know that not all the changes were good ones.

Can anyone interpret this nightmare?

Is this bad dream simply caused by the ill-fitting underwear? Can anyone interpret this nightmare.

© 2012 Shyron E Shenko


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