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What Makes A Good Break Up Cologne

Updated on May 4, 2014

The Scent Bro, writing while a little emo had a sudden thought. What cologne would make a good “break up cologne”? What properties should a good break up cologne posses? Before going in to what I believe should make a good break up cologne, I should go through the emotions of a break up as I see them.

The emotions that come to mind right now are a combination of a little anger mixed with a little sadness and strange enough a healthy dose of excitement! Why excitement, who knows? Perhaps it the excitement only a free man can feel (my apologies to Morgan Freeman Shawshank Redemption) or better yet, real feelings haven’t started. 

To deal with the twinge of sadness, a break up cologne should have something in it to ward off the blues in the short term (remember we’re not dealing with real emotions right now). I’m thinking something citrusy, maybe Bergamot , Orange or Lemon. These oils coincidentally happen to have some effect on combating anger. 

I reckon somewhere in a break up there may be a little grief and sorrow.  Just a little (does my teensy bit of anger show yet?) We’ll need an oil for that too. Well I’ll be. Lemon is an oil that fills that order as well.  Shock is another emotion that may present itself after a break up. Assuming it’s one you didn’t initiate or see coming so we’ll skip that oil but if we were looking for an oil that helps in that area something like Chamomile or Ylang Ylang would work just fine. 

Let’s see, a little depression may creep in after a break up so we’ll need an oil for that. I’m going to move away from the citrus oil and beam in on something else. How about Sandalwood? Sandalwood likes to help a person combat depression. As this is a fresh break up (one hour and counting) we won’t need this oil.   

The next property my break up cologne will need is a property that will draw in women from the four corners of the earth. The best way to get over a woman is to get under another one as soon as possible or so they say.

I’m going to need something that possess these oils but doesn’t smell like something the rest of the wherever someone fresh in a break up will be. This cologne will have to be a multi-mission cologne that can stand up to the smoke of a club, a casino or wherever the winds blow a fella on a night like tonight.

Looking through my collection, I find a cologne that fills the bill.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed. Green Irish Tweed by Creed features:

· Top Notes- Lemon, Verbena

· Middle Notes-Iris, Violet Leaves

· Base Notes-Ambergris, Mysore, Sandalwood

Green Irish Tweed is a great cologne but not worn by a lot of guys. This is a cologne that will help someone stick out among the crowd and draw in a woman that will help someone get past a break up in the same fashion power drinking will do.

Green Irish Tweed is a cologne with staying power. Eight hours later, you will still smell GIT on your body. The notes in this cologne take their time so to speak. There is no rush for this cologne to make it to the finish line.

Green Irish Tweed will make it through the night, the ubiquitous breakfast at Denny’s and whatever comes afterwards.GIT is my choice of the night for a good break up cologne. This cologne will get me started on a new path. That is until the booze, bright lights and sounds of casino and whatever else goes down fades into a memory. Dealing with the aftermath of a break up, that’s another rant.

Time to go, my ride is at the door…. Note to self. Set an Outlook reminder to delete this mess tomorrow... 

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