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Men's Court Attire Made Simple

Updated on April 2, 2017

Which Color Suit to Wear to Court ?

I'm sure you've heard it before, if someone in court has to look twice at your clothes, then you are not dressed properly. If the judge or opposing counsel is thinking about what you're wearing, it can be a problem for you. The same goes for a partner or other person that you might be trying to impress with your legal skills. I can't speak for women attorneys' clothing, so look elsewhere for tips on that!

For men, the basic rule is conservative, dark color suits such as dark grey / charcoal or navy blue. Black suits work too, but you may not want to wear a black suit since it gives off an undertaker vibe. Light color suits are a no-no unless you're down south. Thin pinstripes are about as risque as I would go. Think of Frank Underwood from House of Cards. He knows how to keep it stylish, yet understated.

Matching Shirts and Ties with Suits

Nice, sharp white dress shirts are the classic mainstay for attorney attire and you should have several in your repertoire. You don't need to think too much (which is the key here) about what suit or tie to wear with a white shirt since the white shirt goes with any colors. Another option is a light blue shirt. This is also a very versatile color choice for a shirt. An off-white beige color shirt is a third option here. Here are some shirt-tie-suit combinations which have worked for me in the past:

  • White Shirt - goes with any suit-tie combination
  • Light Blue Shirt - red, DARK blue, gold ties - Navy Blue or Charcoal Grey Suit
  • Beige shirt - Red / maroon tie is nice

Some Words About Ties

Attorneys should look for solid ties, tight striped ties, or small patterns. Power colors include dark reds and gold. Popular tie colors now include all shades of blues. I personally like dark green ties. Pastel colors are also popular in Congress, just take a look at former Speaker Boehner. He had a nice tie selection.

As for brands of ties, I'm very partial to Brooks Brothers, which I generally buy on eBay to save some money. New without tags with a minor defect can help you save almost 75 % on some ties. I also like Jones New York ties, which are also available on eBay or even in Marshall's. I would take a look in both places for some nice ties. The bottom line is that you can get great, designer ties on the cheap if you know where to look!

Best Attorney Briefcases

Dark Brown or Black Only. Here are some nice brands:

  • Korchmar
  • Saddleback
  • Filson

Buy quality and have it forever ! An aged attorney bag gives off the aura of an experienced attorney. Since you want to at least appear experienced, this is good. The more years you have been around, the higher the rate.

Shoes, Belts, and Socks

The rule here is make sure your belt and shoes match. This means that you should own a brown and a black belt to match with the respect brown and/or black shoes. Socks should be dark blue or black and long. Make sure they go up to your calf muscle. This way, your skin is never visible near your shoes. In my humble opinion, every attorney should own four shoes. The list is made in descending order of importance:

  1. Black lace-up cap toe shoes. Every man should one pair of good shoes and this is it. Where them to court or your child's wedding. This is the most important pair you will own. I like Alden or Allen Edmonds for this and all pairs of shoes.
  2. Brown lace-up cap toe shoes.
  3. Black loafers - avoid tassles unless you're old haha
  4. Brown loafers - please avoid two-toned loafers

Buy quality shoes and get them re-crafted. To be taken seriously, you need to wear high quality shoes. Alden and Allen Edmonds are both great choices. Here, too, you can find deals on eBay. Alden also sells factory-seconds at the Shoe Mart !


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