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What Swimsuit Fits Your Body Type?

Updated on January 27, 2014

Spring break season is almost upon us and soon it will be time to pick out that perfect sexy swimsuit to take on your vacation adventure. But choosing a swimsuit isn't necessarily as easy as seeing a style and clicking "Add to Cart". There is a certain science behind choosing the right swimsuit for your particular body type. In a world where swimsuit models seem to have the same shape and size, real life has much more curve and character. Let's take a look at the most flattering fits for your body type.

I talk to women on a daily basis regarding their body type and the primary area of the body that women want to cover up is their tummy. Whether they just recently gave birth and are insecure over stretch marks, or they just haven't lost those stubborn last few pounds, the stomach area is normally an area of concern. So, a quick fix would be to suggest the high waisted bikini bottom. High waisted bikinis cover the stomach area and normally fit up to the mid-waist. The extra torso coverage is perfect for a stylishly retro look that conceals just the right amount.

Small Bust

Besides hiding the tummy, most women are looking to improve their bust line with their swimsuit choice. If you have a small bust and are looking to give an enhanced look (without the surgery) then we can recommend two different types of swimsuits to try out. First, triangle tops are your best bet. They push your bust to the forefront which is necessary to improve your look! After triangle tops, make sure the swimsuit top is padded. The molded cups will give you that extra oomph that you crave.

Large Bust

On the alternate side, we have many women with larger busts who are looking to tone down or add extra support which swimwear sometimes lacks. It's difficult to get added support from swimwear when their isn't much coverage or push up to being with. When you're looking to tone down a more voluptuous chest, we suggest an underwire swimsuit or a halter top swimsuit. Halter tops add a bit more coverage as well as support from the neck strap. Underwire top swimsuits add the support necessary under the bust area, to keep you under control.

Sizing Issues

More often than not, I speak with women who have a bigger bust versus waist, or vice versa. They are looking for a one piece suit to cover up a few areas of concern, but unfortunately with a one piece swimsuit, there aren't many ways to make it work if the sizing is different from top to bottom. What we normally like to recommend is a monokini or a tankini as an option. A tankini swimsuit provides the coverage that is desired, plus has the top and bottom as separates, which allows for different sizing choices.

Bigger Backside

If you have a bigger bottom than most, don't be ashamed, be proud! Beyonce and J.Lo have showed us that it truly is an asset and we couldn't agree more. However, if you're looking to tone it down, or not make your bigger backside the main focus of your swimsuit, we have a few suggestions. First and foremost, we advise against boyshorts and high waisted bottoms, just because that will actually enhance that area of your body more. We suggest an underwire cup top, which will actually draw the attention toward your top rather than your bottom.

Athletic/Stocky Build

Fitness is a huge part of many women's lives, and with good reason. Lately, women have had more muscular definition than ever and sometimes this leads to insecurities over a stocky physique. Not to worry, we have the perfect solution for your body type woes. When you paid a ruffled or skirty bottom with a more athletic physique, this creates a more feminine appeal to soften the look. A ruching detail along the bottom will certainly be the key to a softer silhouette.


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