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What To Wear To A Concert

Updated on November 13, 2013

So, you are going to a concert? Great! Are you worried about what to wear? Don’t be, because I am here to give you some tips about what to wear.

Some Important Factors You Should Consider

What you should wear to a concert depends upon some important factors:

· Type of concert you are going to (Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop etc.)

· What is the venue of the concert? (Outdoor, Indoor, Stadium, Bar, Concert Hall etc.)

· Seating arrangements (standing only, blanket on grass, mosh pit, stadium chairs etc.)

What not to Wear

Before we get onto what you should wear, let’s first look at what not to wear:

1. Avoid an outfit without pockets. You are going to need them for holding many things like your ticket, lip-gloss, money etc.

2. Avoid uncomfortable shoes if you don’t want to say, “My feet are killing me!” You are going to do lot of standing/dancing.

3. Avoid wearing shoes which are open-toed. Otherwise you may find yourself saying, “Ouch! My feet!”

4. Avoid wearing too many clothes or too few clothes, and be prepared for both hot and cold situations.

5. Avoid a huge hat if you don’t want to hear “Move your head you idiot!”

What to Wear

Now it’s time to get to the main point - ‘what to wear’. I am going to address this issue according to the different types of concert.

Rock Concerts

Try to be practical, comfortable and stylish. If there is allocated seating, you can pretty much wear whatever you want. Just not high heels, flip flops or skirts. No matter how attractive the shoes make you feel, you will regret wearing flip flops when you are stepped on.

In the case of concerts which are standing only, skirts, high heels and flip flops should be avoided. Be prepared to get pushed a lot in a concert. Wear comfortable jeans, not too tight and not too loose. Jeans and T-shirts are the ideal clothes to wear at a rock concert.

For the ladies, don’t wear too much make-up if it is a big name show; you will end up drenched in sweat and you really don’t want make-up smeared all over your face. Try to wear the bare minimum, maybe just a bit of eyeliner or eye shadow.

Generally, a jacket or sweater will not be needed because rock concerts obviously become very hot! Thousands of people will be there. Don’t forget to check before going to a concert.

Don’t carry a purse or wallet. Keep your money as well as your cell phone in your front pocket. Make sure that your pockets are deep enough so that your money/phone won’t fall out.

Classical Music Concerts

Some factors are important when considering what to wear when attending a classical music concert. The venue of the concert is an important one. When it is a symphony orchestra or concert choir then a suit for men and a dress for ladies is perfect. But if the concert is held at your university, you will find people wearing T-shirts, jeans, flip flops etc. Not formal at all!

You can watch for the following things to wear the right clothes-

· Semi formal/formal: If the price of the ticket is more than forty dollars and the venue is a theater or concert hall, you should go for formal or semi formal clothes.

· Casual: When the ticket is very cheap or the concert is at a university, you should go for casual clothes. The musicians will wear formal attire but the audience probably will not.

Jazz Concerts

Jazz is a popular style of music in both America and the entire world. Normally jazz concerts are formal and sophisticated events but some may be less formal. For formal and sophisticated jazz concerts, proper clothing is very important.

What to wear to a Jazz Concert

You would usually wear formal dress with darker colors (maroon, black etc.), ‘up-do’ hairstyles and heeled shoes to a jazz concert.

· Wear a knee-length dress. Leave the shoulders and arms bare.

· High-heeled shoes with thin stiletto style heels.

· Short hair is a common style in jazz.

But clothing styles may be different in the case of less formal jazz concerts. If you wore a nice pair of jeans to one of these concerts, nobody would look at you strangely. A ‘Night at the opera’ look is not necessary. A nice skirt or slacks, a sweater or blouse with attractive pumps will do fine for the ladies.

Hip-Hop Concerts

At a hip-hop concert you need to be comfortable, cool and stylishly casual. Baggy/loose fitting jeans with T-shirts are perfect for the men. Ladies can go for skinny jeans and sexy top.

Wear sport sneakers or boots. Try flats instead of sneakers. You can try a big dangling necklace and large hoop earrings. Wear a baseball cap or a snap back cap to fit in with the crowd. Place the cap on a slight angle rather than facing forward.

Country Music Concerts

To enjoy the music of your favorite artists, a country music concert is a great place to go. You will have fun with a lot of people who all have the same interest as you. Country music is all about love, heartbreak, family, god and having a good old time. Clothing for a country music festival is very casual. Shorts, a shirt and flip flops will make you comfortable at a country music festival.

Faded blue jeans, tan cowboy boots, a white or checkered shirt and a scarf around the neck, a tan cowboy hat, a tan leather belt with a shiny buckle……… and you are ready to go!

Casual shirts (hippie summer blouse or T-shirt) and jeans, boots……you are all set!

A cowboy hat, boots, a cute shirt and jeans………Yeeehhaa!!!

Be careful with your cowboy boots; always wear used cowboy boots for a country music concert because getting used to a brand new pair may hurt your feet. If you are in doubt, black is always a good color to go for.

Outdoor and Indoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts put a unique spin on the music of your favorite artists. For an outdoor venue your first step is to check the weather. After that you can select the clothing and accessories appropriate for the concert. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a visor for sunny and hot weather, and an umbrella for rain are a must. Wear casual clothes and dress comfortably. Casual pants and tops are good options. Jeans and T-shirts are always a good option for casual clothing. Wear comfortable flat shoes. Carry an extra sweater or jacket for cool evenings. Just be stylishly casual.

In the case of indoor concerts, clothing may differ based on the type of concert. Jazz and classical music concerts are normally indoor concerts. See the discussion in the respective sections for tips on these concerts.

Before concluding, I have to say that there is no comprehensive list of what to wear to a concert. At the end of the day it is your choice. Choose your dress according to your personality. Be comfortable, cool and stylish. Have fun!


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