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What To Wear To A Festival - Fancy Dress Ideas

Updated on December 11, 2012

What To Wear To A Festival

Ok, festival season is almost upon us once again. If you want to have a really good time at the festival, you and all your friends need to take a fancy dress costume with you. As a self proclaimed expert on the subject Im going to give you the sum of my knowledge in the next few paragraphs. I work for a company that hires performers in London for events and love to go to festivals.

A festival fancy dress costume is different to your standard fancy dress night out. At a normal fancy dress party you arrive in your normal warm coat, have a few drinks in a safe, warm, dry environment and go home a few hours later. At a festival you're in it for the long haul. Rain, shine, hot days & cold nights. Stamina!

Ok so you need to have an outfit that will be wearable in the baking heat of the british summer. Easy. Then, you need something you can put on to keep you warm when you get back to the tent as you stock up on booze for the evening. This is the tough one; have some sort of devise to keep you dry if it rains while remaining "fancy-dressified".

You muppet. Your outfit doesn't even have a pocket for your phone. Think about it. Don't leave anything of value in your tent. You need to carry your phone, purse/wallet & camera with you. If your taking a bag make it blend in with the costume. Seriously costume business!

Happy Slap crew
Happy Slap crew
Kendal Calling nutters
Kendal Calling nutters
Man with a real rain cloud over him!
Man with a real rain cloud over him! | Source

Good Fancy Dress Ideas

If your going to a festival such as Bestival where everyone wears fancy dress then you really need to think outside of the box. The year bestival was "space themed" I saw a hundred "Astronauts" but only one "space cow!" (Mooo)
If you can come up with a random idea and make it your own then your on to a winner. If you do buy a costume from a shop make sure you add to it. Fabric shops are wicked for picking up.....fabric to sew on to your outfits. Turn a normal fancy dress shop dragon in to a huge, hairy dragon with added fire!

Festivals are big places. If you loose your friends at night you may not see them until the next day. If you wanna do some serious planning get everyones outfit to incorporate some form of light emitting thingy. Battery powered fairy lights are a good idea. Glowsticks are another. Or just get someone with a massive head piece. They will be a beacon in the crowd and all your friends will know where your crew is. If everyones in the same place its all good.

I saw a guy dressed as a massive pack of Orbit chewing gum (For the Bestival space theme). Did he have any orbit chewing gum to hand out? Ooohhh ye. Everyone needs a prop.

Face paint
Good idea if you have quality face paint. You will be out and about all day & night so you might look a bit of a mess by mid day if you bought sub standard paint.

One final thing. This is possibly the most important so think of it as a reward for reading to the end! Everything you wear must be able to fit in the portaloo (Toliet cabins) at the festival! You will go to the toilet over and over again so make sure you make it a pleasant experience by being able to get in, take part of your outfit off & get back to the party without any help.

As Kendal Calling would say, see you in the fields!


One final thing. Its possibly the most important. Consider it your reward for reading the whole article.  Its very important to come up with a costume that can be worn, taken off and put back on in a porter loo (Portable toilets)! Over your time at the festival you will go to the loo over & over again. Make your time at the loo as pain free as possible by wearing something you can take off easily!

As Kendal Calling would say - see you in the fields!


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