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What You Should Wear for Spring 2014

Updated on October 30, 2015

Spring is an amazing season to enjoy, spelling hope and growth as flowers start to bloom and the monotonous colors of winter are replaced by brighter colors. Spring promises warmer weather as the snow starts to melt and the birds start chirping. A great time to step out into the world with a brighter perspective, it is also the perfect time to check inside your closet and find more interesting things to wear. As a new season sets in, new trends are sure to follow and the need for you to upgrade your wardrobe comes with it.

Bring in Some Color

True to its nature, spring is the season to add a lot of color to your wardrobe. This season, some fresh colors promise to make the season even brighter than it already is. Emerald and Grayed Jade are amazing shades of green that fit this year’s spring collection. Each shade matches a different skin tone making sure that no one gets left out throughout the season. These colors symbolize fresh beginnings and rejuvenation. Dusk Blue and Monaco Blue add to the cool blend of colors, as well as African Violet, Linen and Nectarine. Poppy Red, Lemon Zest and Tender Shoots (which is a bright shade of light green) take the brightness up a notch. All of these colors prove to be designer favorites this season as they bring a hint of vibrancy while spring flowers bloom.

Of course, you should avoid wearing too much of bleak colors like blacks, browns and grays. You can use them with your bright spring choices, but make sure there are more of the bright tones than the light ones. If you feel the absolute need to wear something darker than the spring color trends, then you could always go for navy blue. This tone is a little on the conservative side compared to the other hues for the season, but would still blend well with the rest of spring fashion pieces. If you insist on going back to the basics, then play with full contrasts by using both black and white in one ensemble, taking out the neutral gray tone. You can play it up a bit by choosing patterns to make the contrast between the two even more powerful.

Bring in Some Style

Iridescent or holographic fabrics are the buzz for spring as designers go for edgier looks than the usual spring fare. Holographic dresses and tops are the craze on the runway. While you can still downplay things a bit and choose to wear something conservative, you can accessorize it with an iridescent clutch. Mesh is also part of this spring’s collection as this netted fabric is used over more conservative pieces underneath for additional effect. You can also wear something daring under mesh to add a more dramatic effect. Full skirts are great for the season as well, adding some focus on some old school ladylike silhouette. The great thing about full length skirts is the fact that they never lose their stylish effect, and can be paired with almost everything as trends change through different seasons. Classic white button downs are also great for the season, considering the colors that are in style. Accentuate the bright white with the fun and fashionable hues of greens, blues, reds and yellows that designers favor this spring. Also a classic, these can definitely be kept on top of everything else on your wardrobe as classic white button downs also transcend styles and seasons. Sweatshirts with bright and loud prints are also a great addition to this year’s collection, adding a fuller silhouette to the usual slim and narrow trends. Power dressing takes on a whole new look as brighter power suits take its place in runways for this year’s spring collection. Patterns and color blocking add a fun factor to these pieces as you flaunt the style in the office. For comfort fashion, athletics are back in the game. Dresses that are tennis-inspired are sure to be a huge hit, while baseball caps and varsity jackets are awesome pieces to top over your usual casual wear.

Bring in Some Patterns

Geometry suddenly becomes fun this spring as they take their place in this year’s spring collection. Prints that feature grids, concentric circles, triangles, and other shapes that play with dramatic geometric patterns are splashed across tops, bottoms and dresses in this year’s spring style.

Spring is definitely an exciting season for fashion as the tendency to experiment with bolder and more daring looks replaces the covered-up trends of previous seasons. Have fun with your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to start with these spring trends. These would add a lot more punch to your personality and an interesting touch to the way you look.

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