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Simply Lemons

Updated on September 23, 2013

A little Lemon

Lemon Beauty
Lemon Beauty | Source

Lemons - For Beauty

In Southern California, we are blessed with the abundance of sunshine....many homes have lemon trees. We are so spoiled by them, that every time I pass by a home with a lemon tree, there are literally dozens of them on the ground.....

One day I knocked on several neighbors' doors and asked if I can gather up the lemons on the ground on their property. Surprisingly, most of them said yes. Well, now that I have a baskets and baskets of lemons, plus the lemons on my property, I started a little research.

Indeed, there are thousands of articles on the web but I thought I'd share with you what I've learned.

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Fresh spring water with Lemon slices
Fresh spring water with Lemon slices
Fresh spring water with Lemon slices | Source
My lemon tree.
My lemon tree. | Source

Lemon - for health - SMALL WONDER!

Lemons, known as Citrus limon , limon agria, contain flavonoid compounds that may help preventing cancer as they contain antioxidant compounds. It is established that flavonoids may prevent this evil and harrowing disease in that they stop the division of cell division in many cancer cell lines. Plus, lemons contain Vitamin C which as we all know is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C zaps out free radicals inside our body. Free radicals are known to interact with healthy cells of the body, causing damage, inflammaiton and swelling in the body. A dosage of Vitamin C is known to prevent these damaging factors.

Did you know that traditional medicine, lemons were though to be so powerful that it was utilized for people who were poisoned?

IMMUNE SYSTEM Vitamin C is crucial to our immune system. We need Vitamin C to help our immune system fight colds, flus and ear infections. Vitamin C is also water soluble - whatever your body does not need simply gets flushed out.

A quarter cup of lemon will provide our bodies at least 47% of Vitamin C required daily.


  • Helps with digestion when mixed with hot water
  • Stops nausea, worm infestabion and disorders of the lower intestines
  • It is known to dissolve gallstones
  • Relieves symptoms of asthma, sore throat
  • Lemon is known as a diuretic.
  • Lemon Balm - when applied to the skin, it is supposedly known to help with depression, calm you down and clear up a foggy mind

Lemon Tips:

  • Add slices of lemon to your drinking water - just like in the spas
  • Lemon peel - simple - slice lemon and dry it out in the sun, then chop it up and put in glass container to add some lemon zest to your meals
  • Room freshener - put a bunch of lemons in a decorative bowl - your kitchen will smell fresh!
  • Did you know that lemon juice can clean copper? Lemon juice & salt - make a paste - the Vitamin C will remove oxidation. I tried this with a dime size of toothpaste for an abrasive touch and wow - copper glows!
  • I add my dried lemon peels to a cup of sea salt and olive oil - what a great scrub it makes for the body!
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice and water is known to remove juice stains.

Types of Lemon

  • AVON - started out in Arcadia, florida. It came from an original specimen around 1934. Mostly used for frozen concentrate.
  • ARMSTRONG - Grown in Riverside, CA. This type bears almost seedless fruits.
  • BERNA - Makes a strong tree and there are few, if any seeds. This type of lemon is rough, with a short neck.
  • EUREKA - This tree is almost thornless. It was planted in Los Angeles around 1858. It bears all year but is cold-sensitive and short-lived.
  • GENOA- Another tree introduced to California. This type of lemon originated from Genoa, Italy around 1875. This is a strong cold-hardy tree but is very thorny.
  • INTERDONATO - This is a beautiful type which originated from Sicily around 1875. This is a vigorous tree and produces very smooh glossy lemons.
  • MEYER - Very popular in New Zealand but is grown also in California and Florida. It's a tiny fruit with a very tangy taste. I like to use this in lemon cream pies, lemon cookies, lemon bread and more.

There are so many more types of lemons and information can be found widely on the web.


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    • sunasia22 profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub!You're lucky you have lemon trees in your homes. Lemon is very expensive in our country. Nice to know it has so many uses. Marked useful and interesting! voted up!


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