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What about chip fat?

Updated on May 6, 2011

Beauty Creams

OK! Let me say at the outset that I am MALE. I am also of a certain age and remember when ,as I recall, Ponds Cream was the extent of the cream girls and women used to lavish onto and into their skin, and as I also recall usually only the face.Now wherever you go and whatever you open to read there are creams for all parts and even for blokes!

Now I consider myself broadminded and if both sexes want to rub concoctions into themselves I have no objection. However, they cannot all do what they say on the tin can they? My point being, how do the major companies promoting these products get away with it. Surrely if there WAS a product that made the old young looking again, everyone would use it and the others would go out of business would they not? That there is no such product and yet so many companies with so many products proves my point , at least to my satisfaction.

That being the case I now want to join the gravy train to product riches for myself and right here give you an entry to the secret.


I was brought up in a chip shop and thus absorbed chip fat through my formative years. Now in, shall we say Autumnal years, everyone says I look younger than I really am, despite a hard life.

EURIKA!! It can only be chip fat! Thus, as only I know the fat my father actually used in the pans, then I am on to a winner! At least I have as much to go on as those promoting other creams.

So go on! You know you are worth it! Contact me and I will put you in touch with the real chip fat that could take years off you and make me rich! Sceptical? I do not blame you but if you comment, I will tell you FREE the fat my Dad used! Cannot say faire than that after all it may be worth a try and far less expensive than other available products.

Iawait the avalanche of contact with baited breath but also with tight skin!


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