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What are Micellar Waters?

Updated on April 11, 2016

Jean Nöell Thorell, founder of Bioderma, created micellar lotions for cleansing and treating patients whose skin had suffered burns. At the beginning this product was designed for sensitive skins although nowadays different brands have come up with different types of micellar waters for different type skins and conditions.

Micellar waters from different brands


In general terms, a micellar water is an aqueous solution with soft surfactants formed by fatty acid micelles in suspension (acids which have a bipolar structure: a hydrophilic pole and lipophilic one, which attract water and fat respectively). When in contact with the skin these micelles will break and trap the dirt and grease in the surface.


Even if the solution is "soapy" micellar waters do not create foam since the surfactants used in their formula are barely bully and usually non ionic.

Considering all of these, micellar waters are perfect to wash your skin in a gentle and delicate way. If you are looking for a product to remove heavy make up or waterproof make up, probably micellar waters will not be enough for you.


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