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What are the Best Clothes to Wear Shopping?

Updated on March 29, 2013

What to Wear While Shopping

It took me years to realize this but what you wear while shopping can make or break how enjoyable it is. People often don't realize this when they begin but something simple like the wrong pair of shoes can impact the outing. I had to go home once because my feet started hurting so badly from poor footwear that I wasn't able to shop any longer!

I've had problems wearing uncomfortable bras. Feeling too hot. Feeling too cold. Not being prepared for bad weather. Not being able to try something on because I wore the wrong underwear. The list goes on an on.

Have you ever been in this situation?

Now, I have dressing for shopping down to a science. I had to account for every possible situation and make sure that whatever I wore was completely comfortable, just in case. I thought I would share with you my insights.


What to Wear Shopping

What kinds of clothes do you like to wear shopping?

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Clothes to Shop In


Things to Consider When Choosing Shopping Clothes

When figuring out what to wear before you start shopping, there are some points to consider. Choose your clothes based on this advice.

Comfort is key. The number one priority is to wear something comfortable and simple. A favorite pair of jeans. A nice, comfortable shirt. This is the kind of outfit that is perfect.

Protect your feet. Sometimes, shopping outings can stretch on for hours. Comfortable footwear is your best friend! Don't forget the socks, too. Those should be comfortable as well.

Okay to be fashionable. Being comfortable shouldn't be at the expense of being fashionable! You can have both worlds. Put yourself together. Do your hair. Wear makeup. Avoid wearing ratty or old clothing. The goal is to look good while still putting comfort first.

Simple, Neutral Underthings. Will you be trying some things on? Then, you should wear a neutral bra and panty set. Nude or beige is perfect because it disappears under most colors. For example, I have a hard time trying on white things when wearing black undergarments.

Outfit to Wear Shopping

My Favorite Shopping Outfit

I have a favorite shopping outfit. Thought I'd share what I wear! This may help you think about what you should be wearing.

  • My favorite, most comfortable shoes. I have a pair of sandals for warmer weather and a pair of fashionable boots for cooler weather.
  • Nude colored bra and nude colored panties. This set is super comfortable and goes under most things in case I try things on.
  • Big shopping purse. I like to have a big bag while shopping. Sometimes, I don't take the store's bag for smaller things and I need a big bag to put them in.
  • Wear layers. Also, I wear layers. Sometimes I get so hot while shopping I need to take a layer or two off. My bag should be big enough to fit the layers, too!
  • Comfortable slacks. I have a pair of black workout pants that look like regular pants. This meets my definition of comfortable whole still looking good. People are amazed when they hear that these pants are actually for working out!

The main idea is to pick an outfit that is comfortable and still looks stylish. If you don't have an outfit that meets this criteria, then maybe it is time for a shopping outing!


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