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What are the best Mario Badescu Skin Care Products

Updated on July 17, 2010

Mario Badescu Skin Care

A couple years ago I was introduced to a person at a conference and he happened to be the VP of Marketing for Mario Badescu Skin Care. It was a little weird talking to him about skin care at first but he did talk to me about all of the celebrities that use their products and come to the Mario Badescu Salon in New York City so when he offered me a free consultation and free Mario Badescu Products, I couldn't resist.

About a week after the conference I got a call from a wonderful woman who works as a skin care consultant for Mario Badescu. She asked me questions about my skin, about what I currently use, about the area I live in, how much sun I get and pretty much everything else that could ever have an effect on my skin. She questioned me about pollution and about cleansing, if I get pimples or blackheads and if I exfoliate. To be honest I wasn't even sure as to why she asked some of the questions she did but when it was all said and done she picked out an entire line of Mario Badescu Skin Care products that would be perfect for me and she even threw in a couple extras for fun. So after using Mario Badescu skin care for a couple years now I can say that Mario Badescu Skin Care not only works amazingly well on my skin, but I could never see myself living without their products. I have about 20 different products in my bathroom right now and even one in my fridge but to be honest, I don't have time for all of them so what I'd like to do is share with you all a couple of my very favorite Mario Badescu Skin Care products that seem to not only work great for me, but I also ended up converting a bunch of my friends, both male and female, into loyal Mario Badescu Skin Care shoppers.

So what are my favorite Mario Badescu products and what do I think work the best for me. Here you go below...btw the pictures to the right are of my medicine cabinet so you can see I am definitely a loyal Mario Badescu Skin Care user and a huge fan of Mario Badescu skin care'll even see the Mario Badescu free samples in the cabinet. That is another plus of ordering online, when you buy Mario Badescu Skin Care online you get to pick three samples with each least they used to give out three free samples. So here are my favorite Mario Badescu Skin Care products.

Mario Badescu Cucumber and Tonic Face Mask

Probably the very best product I have ever tried on my face is the Mario Badescu Cucumber and Tonic Mask. Not only does it make my face feel relaxed but after I use it my blackheads are gone, my skin feels tighter and it looks and feels completely clean. The mask goes on kind of thick and then as it dries it tightens pretty fast. I like it more than a peeling mask or acid mask because instead of burning the Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask cools instead of burns and doesn't tingle or itch. When it tightens and dries it is time to wash off the cucumber and tonic mask and once you wipe it away with warm water your face will look and feel shiney, clean, healthy and you will want to use the cucumber and tonic mask everyday. Now these are the results my friends and I have gotten and each of them have ended up buying the cucumber and tonic mask but results with all skin care products depend on your own skin type so results may vary but this one seems to work on me and my friends and we all love the cucumber and tonic mask and the feeling you get after you use it. It is my secret weapon when I have to speak in public or have to get a picture taken. My skin instantly looks and feels better. So what do I do after I use this mask to give my skin a fresh and clean looking feeling, I have to use eye creams and an spf lotion or face cream and Mario Badescu makes my favorites. So let me go through the two eye creams I use and then go into my face lotion.

Mario Badescu Eye Creams

Mario Badescu Eye Creams

The first Mario Badescu Eye Cream I got hooked on was the Chamomile Eye Cream. The Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream is a thick pink cream that goes on pretty greasy. Although it is greasy, it dries pretty quickly and you can easily rub it in. When my allergies are bad this is my go to eye cream and one that I never want to part with. It is smooth and sort of silk and although the texture took me a while to get used to, I could never go back, especially when my allergies are bad and I can't use my other eye cream since it is a bit looser. The Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream is a must have eye cream and I believe also helps to diminish fine lines, you'll have to visit the site to find out more but it is one of my definite must have must use products. The other eye cream that I could not live without from Mario Badescu is the Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream.

The Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream is my favorite eye cream in the world. It is the one I use in the summer but in the winter I like the thicker feel of the Chamomile Eye Cream above. It is a smooth and silky more liquidy eye cream that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It goes on your lower eye lids and the sides easily and I love the way it absorbs quickly into your skin. Your eyes almost immediately start to look and feel better and I can say that I have noticed that I have almost no crows feet whatsoever and I can thank the Ceramide and Chamomile eye creams in part to that. I absolutely love the ceramide herbal eye cream from Mario Badescu and if you are looking for a new wrinkle diminishing eye cream than the ceramide herbal eye cream is one that you have to order and try. I highly recommend it and think everyone should have it in their medicine cabinets as one of their ways to help fight off aging and wrinkles.

So this one isn't an eye cream but it is one of my secret weapons against bags under my eyes and puffy swollen ugly colored bags underneath my eyes. It is the Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel. The Ceramide Eye Gel needs to go in your fridge. It cools off in there and then after you have had a long night out with friends and have to look fresh for work or if you were up all night or just couldn't sleep and have bags, this is your ultimate solution to help you get rid of those ugly swollen, puffy and baggy eyes. All you do is take a bit of the green slimy ceramide eye gel out of the container which goes in your fridge and rub it under your eyes where they are puffy and baggy. In a little bit the ceramide eye gel will help to remove or really reduce the appearance of these ugly swollen bags underneath your eyes.

Mario Badescu SPF Face Cream

Mario Badescu has a ton of different face creams and face lotions. My personal favorite Mario Badescu face cream and face lotion has to be the spf 17 face cream for oily skin. It comes out like any other lotion but instead of being oily and greasy and hard to get off your hands, it goes into your skin quickly and leaves nothing on your hands or nasty residues that other face creams and face lotions leave. This is one of the face creams and face lotions that I could never live without, especially because my face feels moisturized after and completely healthy and nourished, the one downside to the Mario Badescu Face creams and lotions is that they sweat out if you workout or go in the sun after applying but then again almost all face creams and face lotions do so it is no different than any other face lotion or cream as far as sweating goes. I have tried a few of the mario badescu face creams and face lotions and there is not a single one I haven't loved so regardless of your skin type or skin issues, find the one that is right for your skin and that will help with what your skin problems and needs are.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotion

Probably the most famous Mario Badescu Skin Care products are the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Not only did these products put Mario Badescu on the map but they work amazingly well, at least on my skin. Whenever I feel a pimple or underground pimple forming or even ingrown hairs, all I do is put a couple drops of the drying lotion or buffering lotion on them and they start to go to work drying them out. Not only does it help to sink in and dry out the pimple, but the buffering lotion and drying lotion help to dissolve and bring up the white head so I can get rid of those painful pimples and underground forming pimples quickly and the time you spend in pain with them is much simpler. Now for the ingrown hairs, although the product is not intended for them, I use it to help dry out the build up around the ingrown hair and for me it seems like it helps make the pain and swelling from in grown hairs reduce in time, then again it could easily be my imagination so you should use extreme caution and contact Mario Badescu before trying the buffering lotion or drying lotion on your own ingrown hairs to see if it is ok for you to try it on them as well or if they have a different product they would recommend to you for your skin type.

I absolutely love Mario Badescu Skin Care and if you can see from the pictures above they are pretty much the only face and skin care products I ever use.  Not only do their products work amazingly well for me, but my friends who have tried them as well also love them and have become hooked on Mario Badescu as much as I have.  I highly recommend Mario Badescu and if you have a favorite product feel free to leave a comment below.   


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