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What can the first ladies teach us about fashion?

Updated on June 15, 2011

Do you remember in the year 2009 when Barack Obama was choosen to serve as the new president of the United States almost everyone in my guess was waiting anxiously for the first lady to appear and what she might wear for the tenth ignaguration event  will it be shiny, fashionable,or retro in some sort of way.

Meanwhile there are a lot of other things that make up a first ladies fashion self worth than the one about Mary Todd Lincoln which happened to be Abraham Lincolns wife she used the cinderella style when she went on trips on the railroad all the way to New York for therapy. Another important first lady known named Grace Coolidge wore drop waist flapper dresses which were usually short but that is how they were the good thing is that the shorts were not that extremely short which made her a role model for woman in the 20s without being innapropriate. Another thing is that Elenor Roosevelt was the first lady who took a picture in a bathing suit. While Lady Bird Jonhson created the first white house fashion show in order to raise awareness for traveling in America.


 Now watching and recognizing the fashion styles of past first ladies is something that is conzidered from the past. From what they have worn during their vacations to when they were traveling to other countries and even at bedtime have been talked about in newspapers, magazines, then even in the T.V. later on.

    They were the ones that started different hairstyles for example the chignons, boufants, from bangs. Guess what else the have even named themselves after certain colors like Eleanor blue, Mamie pink and Nancy red. There are also times when fashion can also be used to protest about political events that are happening. As in with Martha Washington who was the first lady who began with the american tradition of making homemande clothes she wore homespun outfits instead of the british clothing after the revolutionary war ended.

 In conclusion the first ladies showed major power with fashion and have taught that fashion is a good tool to not only look good but it can also be used to communicate political rights and solutions to events from the world or for certain people. Like today the first ladies are still teaching us how we as American people can succeed and change the image of America.



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