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What causes a bad hair day and what to do about it?

Updated on October 3, 2013

Attention for your hair

Research has shown that there is a connection between “stubborn” hair and having a bad hairday. Also from research results it appeared that most people that have too fat, too dry or too fluffy hair, also suffer from a lower self esteem. But does this mean that your hair will start getting in better shape once you have regained your confidence? Maybe, but the tips below should surely contribute to decreasing the amount of bad hairdays as well.

A bad hairday is a sign that you have not been spending the needed attention to your hair and yourself. There is not really a way to prevent a bad hair day but there is definitely something you can do about it. With spending a little positive attention to yourself and by following the tips below, a bad hair day only has to last a few minutes.

Hair types and their treatment

Limp and lifeless hair

When you have limp and lifeless hair, this has to do with the fact that the hair roots get greasy too soon. Wash your hair more often and use a shampoo that gives your hair more volume. You can also use a dry-hair shampoo instead of an extra hair washing with water.

Unruly and frizzy hair
To reduce unruly and frizzy hair you should comb your hair with a wet comb. Then use dry hair oil for fluffy and frizzy areas of your hair. Rub the oil between your hands until it is a bit warm and then apply the oil onto your hair.

Greasy or dry hair

Is your hair too greasy? Use a shampoo with citrus extracts. These ensure that your hair will not get greasy quickly. There are also special shampoos for those who have very dry hair. Also try using a hair mask from time to time of leave the conditioner in your hair a bit longer to give it a bit more softness.

Hair (re)styling

Are you still not able to get your hair structure under control with the special hair products, then the following hair re-styling tips are the right choice for you.

Ponytail or braids

When you have long to half long hair, you can solve your bad hair day problem by making a pony tail or a braid in your hair. Use a spray to keep your hair in place or leave 1 or 2 strands of hair hanging loosely for a nice and nonchalant look.


Unwashed hair will be easier to manage if you want to put your hair into a roll. Get your hair together into a pony tail and twist the hair into a roll where the ends are upwards. Use a hair clip to attach the hair to your head. Use some hairpins to attach to the sides.


Start with a high pony tail and fix it up with an elastic. Now turn your hair into a knot and attach it to your head with some hairpins. Use a hair spray to fix the knot to stay in place.

And if that does not work

Well, you can always defer the attention from your hair by using a bit more make up or some colourful accessories on your clothing. Or maybe a nice perfume can give you a good feeling. Which should, according to research, should have a positive effect on your confidence and on your hair as well.


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