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What do you prefer to purchase, shoes or clothes?

Updated on March 31, 2012

When it comes to shopping, what do you prefer to buy, shoes or clothes? There are so many fashions that one can follow it can make you think, hmm, shoes or clothes. When it comes time for me to want to buy myself something, I am guilty to wanting to buy more shoes than clothes. I figure, if I have enough clothes I can buy shoes that will make them look good.

Shoes can really compliment whatever outfit you decide to put on every day. With the many shoes that have come out you can find what to wear them with easily, unless you like to match your shoes with what you wear on a daily basis. For me, I like to kind of match the color of my shoes with what I wear, especially when it comes to special occasions. Do you have certain shoes that you like to wear? I tend to want to buy high heeled shoes, high wedges, nice casual sandals. There are certain colors too, like black or neutral because they can go with most outfits that people wear. What shoes do you prefer and do you have certain colors that you like to wear?

Now when it comes to shopping, if I find a nice skirt or dress to wear for special occasion, I tend to think of what shoes I have to go with it while at the store because I know that if I can find something I have to match with them, then I would buy it. Thinking about it now, I kind of buy a little of both knowing that I have the money to purchase the items.

What do you look for more when it comes to going shopping? If you had a choice, would it be shoes or clothes? Or would you make it both? Does it depend on what is on sale or clearance?


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