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What exactly IS a macro trend? An explanation of how a trend is formed and how it reflects our current world.

Updated on June 13, 2016

What is a Macro Trend?

I will probably be posting a lot about current and future "macro trends", but what exactly IS a macro trend? A macro trend is a trend seen across the board. It is seen in psychographics, demographics, economics, public health, technology, politics, and current environment.

You see, trends are not just solely for fashion purposes; a macro trend is a collection of data analysis about the current world as it is happening. What we can learn by studying macro trends is how fashion trends, specifically speaking, will eventually unfold and how they will develop. My most recent examples are of 2008, when we saw a lot of grays and dark, deep purples. There was a lot going on, people were scared and lacked the confidence we once had in the 90s. But black, black was too dark; too scary, so they settled for heather grays and the occasional deep gray. Flash Forward to now and we saw an influx of neon! This was because consumer confidence was rising. People were spending, traveling, regaining control of their daily, normal lives. The neon colors reflected this. Color has an extremely powerful effect on humans and creating neon as a trend was a great way to pull us out of our deep, gray depression.

What we are seeing right now is a desire for nostalgia. The world is crazy and people are wanting to retreat to simpler times. You can't even walk past a newspaper, you don't even have to open it, without seeing at least three pictures of some war-torn country being bombed out of existence. We long for the ease of the 50s (or at least the generations that didn't grow up in it do), we saw a rise in late 60s and early 70s style and mind set with the lack of sanctity for relationships. It was almost like this generation had its own sexual revolutions. But I can tell you right now, we are back on the pendulum swing to a more conservative time. It will be a "return of the family". People will be going back to having dinner together, the recent trend in "stay at home dads" will even out and possibly even retreat back to "stay at home wives". Basically what people want and need the most right now is a supportive structure to guide them through these changing times.

We've seen a rise in the American flag as a fashion piece due to the upcoming election. You might say it started months ago, but if you'll notice there has literally been an EXPLOSION of American flag wear. Which, I think personally, is a way to mock the flag and what it stands for. I mean, how can you respect your Nation's flag when it's laying in your dirty hamper?

Macro trends are extremely fun to study and easy once you train your eye! Start reading your local, national, and international newspapers or news sources. Stay up to date on changing technologies, learn to spot something when you see it (even in varied forms) on a regular basis. Economics plays a HUGE role in trends, consumer confidence is key. Make sure you know what's going on with the economy! Some people have an innate sense for spotting trends, hence why these people are called "innovators", i.e: Steve Jobs.



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    • candace21245 profile image

      candace21245 5 years ago

      Thanks, Brandon!

    • Brandon Martin profile image

      Brandon Martin 5 years ago from Colorado, USA

      So True! Great job! Voted Up!

    • candace21245 profile image

      candace21245 5 years ago

      Aw! Thanks for your kind words! Glad I could expand your world!