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What is Enhanced Diamond?

Updated on January 19, 2012

Clarity enhanced diamonds have been hot selling items of this last holiday. With sales up almost 80% compare to 2010, customers are getting much exited about the price of these diamonds. With this new activity around the clarity enhanced diamonds market, customers start to ask many questions about the value of these diamonds. In order to clarify the subject and help you make a better decision when shopping for diamonds, we picked-up the most commons questions and share our answers with you.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds: A clear history

Clarity enhanced diamonds came from a process that was invented in the mid 80’s. Since 99,9% of the diamonds in the world have inclusions, the process was invented to make these inclusions invisible to the naked-eye. These diamonds are natural earthed diamonds like any other diamonds, but inclusions of clarity enhanced diamonds were filled to improved their quality. After this process, the clarity of the diamond is usually increase by two grades and you will get a diamond with much more fire and brilliance than before.

Exemple of Enhanced Diamond Rings
Exemple of Enhanced Diamond Rings | Source

Are they real diamonds?

The first and most common question that people ask is: Are diamonds clarity enhanced real diamonds? Well, the answer is yes. They are 100% real diamonds, but as it says, are “enhanced”. Think of it this way: Imagine that you had a plastic surgeon performing a small operation to enhance something on your body. Are you still real? Yes. Are you improved or enhanced? Yes. When the clarity of these diamonds will be grade by gemologists, they will get a better grade than before their enhancements. Let’s say you have a SI-2 clarity for your diamond, it might gets a SI-1 or VS-2 after clarity enhancement. As an example of how durable enhancements are, we, at, always give to every customer a lifelong warranty for the quality of the diamond. We use the most advanced type of clarity enhancement called filling. This process is 100% reversed and we can always bring back the diamond to its original condition before the clarity enhancement.

What about long term value?

The second most common question that people ask is about the value of the diamond: “Does a clarity enhanced diamond keep its value compare to non-clarity enhanced diamonds?” Well, the answer is simple. As a customer, you might be worry about what will be the value of a clarity enhance diamond in the future, or are you gonna lose money if later on you decide to sell it.

The answer for this question can be apply for enhanced diamonds as well as non-clarity enhanced diamonds. There is no guarantee that any diamond in the world will keep its value, enhanced or not. The diamond’s market can be very unpredictable and we only can look into the past as a tool to make us an idea of what the future might be. If we look back 7 years from now, all diamonds kept their value very well compare to the inflation, and most diamonds even doubled their real value.

When purchasing a diamond, it is always imported to pay a reasonable price and not an overpaid price. With today’s broad access to Internet, it has become very easy to compare diamonds prices. We, at Diamond Traces have a simple rule that all of our customers love. We give to all of our customers a lifetime upgrade policy that uses 100% of what the customer paid. They can use this value as store credit for future trade-in or upgrades. It might also happens that we will offer a customer more, it really all depends on the specific diamond. In all cases, we are 100% confident in our products and many times in the past we have offered customers to buy back diamonds that were bought from us 2 years ago or even older. We can do this because the diamonds we sold have kept their value. Our reason for buying a diamond back is pretty simple. We ask ourselves, how much will it cost us to replace a diamond that was sold about 2 years ago. Most of the time the answer is that the diamond will cost us more today. We can never guarantee that the diamond will keep its value, but from our experience and historical statistic, it almost always do .

Price comparison

The third most common question is: What is the price difference between what I will pay for a GIA graded diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond based on the same GIA grading? Our answer is that for two diamonds of the same quality (let’s say 1.5 carat E color and SI-1 clarity), based on the GIA chart, it will cost you about 50% less for a clarity enhanced diamond. It would represent a saving of $5400 saving on a $10,900 diamond. That’s a lot of money for a diamond that comes from the same place!

For any question, about diamonds you are more than welcome to email me .

Diamond Traces Team


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