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What is Gothic Makeup

Updated on September 6, 2014

Gothic Makeup

Stereotype beliefs often determine our makeup and clothing, Gothic Makeup is probably one such stereotype. You could probably be mistaken if you think Gothic means wearing black or being bedecked in special jewelry. This is not to deny that some may fit that description. But the phrase Gothic merely means those who are highly individualistic in the choice of their make up and perhaps do not follow the stereotyped mainstream. It simply means being creative.

You have a variety of Gothic Makeups to choose from. It all depends on your preference and what suits your complexion

You may perhaps realize that a pale skin over which you can use light foundation to look Gothic would probably not fit you. Your make up foundation according to the tone of your complexion is more appropriate. You can avoid pale shade in favor of a shade or two lighter than your natural tone, if your skin tone is dark, for instance, Also, take care to blend your foundation with your hairline as well as eyelids and lips as it makes an excellent base for makeup. .

Next is eyeliner, the most essential features in Gothic make up. You may choose thick or thin lines,for eyeliner. Focus on subtlety and creativity. Color combination is also important. You might want to learn the extent to which you can creatively and judiciously apply colors. Although your personal style statement is supreme, Red and Black are popular with Gothic girls. You have a choice either of pencil or liquid eyeliner while there are advantages and disadvantages of both pencil and liquid eyeliner. choice. Pencil is be easier and quicker, but the disadvantage with pencil is that it can smudge more easily than liquid eyeliner. You must be careful enough to not get it moist.

Lip liner to define your lips should be done before wearing lipstick. Give preferance to original shades of lipsticks and avoid Black and deep shades akin to black in preference to rich red and brown.

Lipstick quality is critical for you want it to stay longer, and smudge less. Prefer a right colored lipstick of superior quality. It will add to your overall look. You have two choices - whether you would like to appear elegant or vibrant. Subtle application of lipstick gives you an elegant appearance while a high contrast imparts you a vibrant look. The one that suits you best is your choice.

Gothic face decoration should preferably be subtle. You have to be really careful with face decoration, if you do not want to look gaudy and crude. You can really look envious if you are original and creative in face decoration. However, keep in mind that popular fashion is quick to change.

Gothic hair dye comes with mind boggling choices. The clue to color or dye best suited to you can possibly come from your own hair color. You may want to bleach your hair color for a lighter color slightly, if you hair color is jet black. But in case if your hair color is naturally lighter, you must consider the prospects of dying it in black because they stay for a long time much against your wishes. And if you bleach a dark dye you might end up getting a green tint.


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