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What is Moroccan Argan Oil? Why is it an Ingredient in so Many Beauty Products?

Updated on July 9, 2014

What Is Argan Oil?

Moroccan Argan Oil comes from kernels in the Argan Tree, which are grown exclusively in Morocco. The tree only grows in Morocco in the semi-arid soil. The oil has always been important but just recently it has become more popular. Argan Oil has many different uses, the original use was that of a food source. Older civilizations used to eat the edible fruits from Argan tree. The oil contains many essential vitamins that are important for the body's day to day functions, such as vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and Omega 6. It did not take long for the ancient civilizations to discover that there were many other uses for the Argan Oil. Older civilizations discovered that the Argan Oil was highly beneficial for cosmetic reasons.

The Argan Tree in Morocco
The Argan Tree in Morocco | Source

New Use of Argan Oil

It is the newer use of the Argan Oil that have made people more aware of its presences in today's media. Argan Oil is highly rejuvenating for the skin, hair, and nails. Many consumers have probably read that their cosmetics or shampoo contains Argan oil as an ingredient in the their beauty product, which makes perfect sense, because Argan Oil contains properties that restore skin, hair, and nails to their condition prior to damage. Argan Oil is known to create instant smooth, soft, and shiny hair once it has been placed on the hair for a few minutes. When hair is dry consumers will be able to see the difference right away. When used on the skin, consumers usually see the benefits of the Argan Oil in three days or less. The oil is known to treat acne, wrinkles, dry skin, and eczema.

Effects of Argan Oil on hair.
Effects of Argan Oil on hair.

Argan Oil Increases in Popularity

Argan Oil is so good at what it does that it is in very high demand, but it is not something that is easily produced. The Argan tree is very important in Morocco because of its deep roots and the shade it offers in the dessert. The tree has also become very important to the people of Morocco who live in the Argan Oil production area. Argan Oil is now creating income for many families in Morocco. It is because of all of these reasons that the Argan Tree is now highly protected. All of these reasons and its difficultly to be reproduced are the reasons why Argon Oil is so expensive. Consumers will notice that products that have just a trace of Argan Oil are significantly higher in price than other similar products. In 2007 Argan Oil was only an ingredient in one beauty product but now it is an ingredient in more than 100 beauty products. People who know the true benefits of Argan Oil are often more than willing to spend large amounts of money in order to enjoy the benefits of the oil.

Effects of Argan Oil on skin with acne.
Effects of Argan Oil on skin with acne.

Pure Argan Oil

There are several ways to apply the oil. The oil can be mixed in with other beauty products but the most effective way to apply the oil is directly. Having pure Argan Oil is the best way to quickly rejuvenate skin, hair, or nails. However, buying pure Argan Oil is highly expensive and only certain social classes will be able to afford it. It is often used in high end salons and spa. High end places used the Argan Oil as massage oil.

More To Come

The benefits of Argan Oil are still being found and more uses are discovered all the time. Argan Oil is a beauty product innovation that is breaking into the cosmetic world like a wrecking ball.


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