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What is True and Imperisable Beauty

Updated on January 1, 2015

Perception, Beliefs and Misconceptions

I've written this hub to tackle a subject that seems to be highly emphasized in media and sought after for by most of the populace. I'm talking about "beauty"-we've all heard the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and I cannot stress how accurate this statement is. I believe this subject matter will resonate well with the female audience in particular as in this day in age there is so much demand and stressed placed upon women to look a certain way. Let's start of by talking about perception as everyone has their own idea and unique perception of what looks good or what does not. Through perception one dictates or deems what he or she finds attractive or not. Across different cultures and countries around the globe, beauty seems to differ drastically. In some cultures (South Asia) large bodied women are highly desirable, while in other (East Asia) petite sized women are all the rave. Here in the western world it is typically women who are "toned" or "fit" who are considered beautiful. You can see how perceptions of beauty diametrically differs hoping from country to country or continent to continent.

Thus beauty can be considered to be a social construct as society does play a crucial role in dictating who is appealing and what is not. However, with that said there is definitely a science behind physical/sexual attraction among both genders. A great Misconception is trying to become or look like your favorite celebrity or idol, why? Simply because everyone is unique and carries their own unique DNA and physical appearance is dictated by that DNA. So rather than envying that superstar on T.V, be comfortable in your own skin!

Media Distorts Perception of Beauty

We've all seen the pearly whites, superb physique, and perfect hair of a lot of female stars out there. This look is perpetuated via media which than indoctrinates these views of beauty into the unsuspecting masses of audience. Creating dissension and insecurities within the minds of many individuals. This can have serious ramifications and cause both mental and physical ailments which can drastically affect a person's life. Remember "beauty" and any products related to it is a business, and this business is a multi-billion dollars industry! So of course there going to attempt to make watchers feel insecure so they can buy there latest products whether it be hair removal, teeth whitening and of course weight loss regiments or products.

Some people have taken drastic measures ranging from liposuction, plastic surgery or breast augmentations/implants. This is obviously funding the industries that feed off the insecurities of people who are simply unsatisfied with their appearance. Society needs to wake up and understand that our individuality alone is enough to be considered beautiful. Is it not true that no fingerprint on this entire planet is alike? Do we not find this intriguing and can we not call this true beauty?

Accept Your Individuality

Do I find the stars portrayed in media attractive? Yes. But true beauty is an attribute from within and is not something physical. What a shallow society we live in only considering the outwardly appearance of each other to find compatibility. Is there not more to human life than just physically looking good? Are we not all equal underneath the skin? We live in a highly sexualized society praising and even worshiping people who are "good looking". Now I am not against anyone who is considered "sexy", but I am questioning the heart of society and why is it we uplift the beautiful and yet neglect the ugly. For goodness sakes, we live in a day and age where people get rich of sex- tapes. Does not anyone else find this a tad bit ludicrous?

To change society's shallow perception of beauty it begins with every single individual and we must come to terms and grasp what is truly beautiful. Rather than glorifying the next celeb and her leaked sex-tape, - lets uplift the humanitarians, social workers, and any agents of change who strive to make a difference within society. Is this not what it means to truly be alive? For even physical beauty fades, thus it is foolish to chase after something that deteriorates over time. Rather focus on honing and appreciate the inner beauty of a person which embeds a legacy and will not deteriorate over the ages.


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