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What is a Engagement Ring

Updated on January 18, 2012
Exemple of one engagement ring
Exemple of one engagement ring | Source

An engagement ring is a ring usually offers by men to women as a first step of their union that will be celebrated at the wedding in a near future. The women wear the engagement ring on her finger as a symbol of the commitment done by the couple. Since diamonds are the strongest minerals on earth, they are mostly use for engagement rings as it represent the strength of the new union. At the wedding, the couple exchange the wedding rings and the woman will usually wear the band or the ring in the same finger as she is already wearing her engagement ring.

For the man, the choice of the engagement ring can become a big adventure, since there are many different ring styles, qualities, and prices that will affect the final look of the ring. In order to make a clearer decision on what could be the perfect ring to offer to your loved one, there is different aspects to look at before even starting to shop for a ring.

Engagement Ring Styles

The first important thing to look at when choosing a ring is the style of the ring. To find the perfect ring style, think about the personality of your loved one and see if you can find what style would fit her the most. Does she like fancy stuff? Or is she more of a conservative style.

Solitaire Setting
For over a decade, the solitaire engagement ring has been the ultimate statement of elegance and tradition, and by far the most popular engagement ring style. If you are planning to surprise your special lady with a ring, a diamond solitaire ring is a choice that she will treasure forever. A classic woman with simpler, more streamlined taste will probably prefer a beautifully-made solitaire setting with one fantastic diamond.

Side stones Setting
Diamond engagement rings that have been set with lots of small diamonds (also called melee) are a gorgeous way to highlight a beautiful stone. These types of rings become more popular than ever, there are literally hundreds of different designs, from a classic pave setting on the band to the more striking micro pave halo style. Your engagement ring can come with a thick row of channel-set stones, an unusual engraving on the band, or even a color diamond in the center.

Three-Stones Setting
The three-stone rings also known as past-present-future ring and according to some this ring will honor the history you had together and the future you will share. The three-stone diamond engagement ring is a classic choice for proposals, as well as being a popular gift for other occasions such as anniversaries. The three-stone ring is as beautiful as it is meaningful, and there are variations available to suit every personality.

Halo Setting
The halo setting have gorgeous design that convince a lot of people into buying this style. The small diamonds that surrounded the center stone give an impression of having a bigger diamond that it is in reality, which is another reason why so many will opt for this style.

Vintage Setting
Another popular ring setting is the vintage setting. The band is engraved with amazing details and make this setting a very attractive choice for an engagement ring. These old-fashioned rings are still very popular and the gorgeous looks of these rings are sure to make a strong favorable impression.

How to shop Engagement rings

Preset Engagement Ring
One way of choosing an engagement ring is to look for preset engagement rings. A preset ring already have a diamond mounted and is ready to wear. This is the easiest way to find an engagement ring since you already see the final result of what the diamond ring will looks like.

Build Your Engagement Ring
If you prefer, you can also buy an engagement ring by first choosing the setting of the ring, and then pick a diamond that will be mounted of the setting you already chose. Most companies will call this shopping method as to “Build Your Engagement Ring”.

Custom Engagement Ring
Another way to shop for an engagement ring is to create your own ring. You can send pictures or drawings of the design you wish to have and we will do the exact ring of your desire using the latest technologies available today. With a custom engagement ring, you can have your own creation built for you with incredible precision.

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