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What is a Spider Bites Piercing

Updated on May 9, 2012
Girl with a spider bites piercing
Girl with a spider bites piercing

Lip piercing is a popular type of body modification where a stud or a ring penetrates the lip. Lips are pierced in a variety of ways and different names are given to lip piercing in specific positions. One of those names is the spider bites. A spider bites piercing refers to double lower lip piercings, two to be exact, placed closely together on either side of the lower or upper lip or both sides of the lower or upper lip. This type of piercing has become increasingly popular and is seen more on more on younger people. The two piercings that make up a spider bites piercing can be done either at the same time or separately to allow time for them to heal. 

Safety aspects of having a spider bites piercing

Before getting a spider bites piercing it is important to know where and how to get it done correctly and safely and it is wise to check out the credentials of any studio that you are considering using to have your piercings done. This type of piercing is sometimes referred to as a double lip piercing because two perforations are made on the upper or lower lip that enables the wearing of jewelry. If a double spider bites piercing appeals to you, make sure to look for a reputable piercing studio as there are a lot of freelancers who do piercings but not as professionally as a studio. Always look for a professional piercer that follows proper sterile procedures, uses needles that will not damage tissue and uses quality jewelry made specifically to aid in the healing process. 

Facial piercings are distinctive and spider bites are a very unique facial piercing. This specialized piercing creates the look that would form on the surface of the skin after someone has been bitten by a spider. This lip piercing consists of two rings positioned closely together either on the upper or lower lip. The majority of people prefer the lower lip and it is more popular to use rings versus studs for the jewelry. 

For a while, a spider bites piercing was more popular with men, but it has recently gained popularity with women and this trend seems to be growing. Women are probably more creative in the use of design and colour. A key question for many people prior to having a piercing done is whether it hurts.Like having any other piercing, this will hurt and the lips are naturally sensitive (which is probably where kissing originates from) but with proper care, the pain should not be too bad. Getting one piercing at a time and allowing it to heal before getting the second one may be a safer and more comfortable option. Obviously, everyone experiences a different healing process and some individuals may be fine with both piercings at once.

After a spider bites piercing, there are certain things that are important during the healing process. They include not touching the piercing while raw, and washing hands frequently especially before touching the piercing. The exact price for a spider bites piercing depends on several factors and varies by location. There is a wide span in the cost, and an approximate range is somewhere between $30 and $100. The cost is contingent on what services are offered and if one or two piercings are done at the time. Some piercing studios include the aftercare and some do not.

Consider all the options when deciding to get a spider bites piercing and always seek out a professional piercing artist.


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