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What is an Epilator? And how do you use one?

Updated on March 11, 2014

I like to think that I am well up on all the latest beauty product developments, but I came across something recently that I've never heard of – an epilator. At first I thought it was just an electric shaver, but on closer inspection I discovered that they are more like an electric waxer, because instead of cutting the hairs like a shaver, they actually pull the hairs out at the root, which acts the same way as using wax, and hopefully leave you with a longer-lasting effect.

New products always interest me, and I suspect that many of you never heard of an epilator and don't even know how to use one so I am going show you how they work and then discuss the various models available. This is my friend Andrea showing you how to use it.

Basically, what you need to do is make sure you have a hot shower before using one to open all your pores, make sure your skin is dry and clean, and then use the epilator just as you would use an electric shaver. Watch the video and then I will recommend some products.

What I did was buy a bunch of different epilators, and give them to my salon clients to try, to see which is the best one. Unfortunately – the cheaper the model – the more painful the hair removal. As far as I can tell [and this is not exactly a scientific experiment] this is something to do with the speed and power of the motor. The problem with the cheaper ones is the motor is weaker and pulls the hair out slow meaning it's more painful, so I am afraid the cheapest one I can recommend is about $30 anything less than $30 and you are asking to be in a lot of pain.

How to use an EPILATOR!!

These are the best Epilators

We tried 27 different epilators (or at least my clientele did) and these are the only 5 we found that removed hair without making you want to scream. They are all robust work horses that will last a long time.

Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator

Without exception, everybody says this was the best they used, mainly because it caused the least discomfort, and the effects were the most long lasting. Even so, it is probably a good idea to use a moisturizing cream, or perhaps some aloe vera as despite the fact it's the least uncomfortable it still does cause some people some discomfort.

I spoke to a few friends in the business who also recommend this and the general opinion is that it will last a long time so despite the fact that it's more expensive than most of the other ones, it is actually quite good value for money. Assuming it lasts you six years, that works out at around $20 per year, which is a damn sight less expensive than going to a salon for waxing.

They usually sell for around hundred and thirty dollars, and is definitely one of the most expensive machines on this list.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator, White/Champagne

This one is a similar price to the preceding machine, but has one advantage over the other one which is the fact that you can change into a shaver should you wish. It has ceramic discs, and the jury is still out as to whether it is more less painful than the Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator. 50% of people use it said yes the other 50% said no, but if but they all agreed that the massaging heads were a waste of time.

Having said that, the results were as long-lasting as the previous one. The main difference is that this one is chargeable and the other one is corded. According to the blurb, the charge lasts 40 minutes, but if you haven't finished removing the hair in 40 minutes, then your pain threshold is clearly too low and I suggest going for a shaver instead. It is almost as fast as the first one, and just as well built.

Remington Smooth and Silky Full Size Epilator (EP6010)

If you are on a budget, then I am afraid I can only recommend one machine for under $30. We tried a dozen or so of the cheaper models and although they worked, the pain inflicted tended to be to much for people to want to continue to use them but this Remington is not too bad. It has a cord so is not chargeable which helps reduce the cost I suppose, and I would not recommend buying it for more than $30. Amazon usually have them on sale.

I doubt it would be as long-lasting as the preceding two, but for $100 less what can you expect? It does the job without being too painful, but like the others, I suggest a moisturizing cream or aloe Vera after use. All in all a good value for money option – especially if you are not sure whether or not you want to start removing your hair in this fashion.

EPILADY KIT VALUE PACK! Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable Epilator + Facial and Sensitive Areas Epilator

This one was a favorite with my older clients who needed to remove some facial hair, although like with the of the less expensive machines, it tends to be a little more painful than the more expensive ones. Having said that the general consensus was that you used to it after a few times, and the results are very good.

One of the interesting advantages this one is that you can charge it either from 110 or 220 V, so if you plan on vacationing anywhere with a lower voltage you're good to go. Personally I prefer the more expensive machines, but if you need a facial hair remover and you need to save some money then this is a good bet.

Once again your most certainly need to put up with the campaign the first few times you use it and be prepared to use a moisturizer or something to soothe your skin afterwards.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator - 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers (Corded)

This is the last that we can recommend, because although we tried many more, most of them are just too painful to bother with. And when this thing calls itself "soft caress," I suggest you take that with a large pinch of salt. No matter which way you look at it, pulling your hairs out at the root is going to be uncomfortable, and don't let anybody fool you otherwise..

But – this would not be on the list if it was too uncomfortable to use like some of them were. According to the makers it has "patented pain reduction technology," but I'm bound to say that's a bit of marketing hype and the best we could go with is "it's not too bad," if we're being honest.

This is probably the best midrange price machine, and if you can't stretch to one of the more expensive ones, it will also last a decent length of time.

Not everybody can agree is the best way to remove unwanted hair, and I suppose the best thing you can say about waxing is that although it's expensive it's over with quickly, compared to using one of these. Shaving is another option, but as we all know two days later you have to do it all again, where as removing the hair by the roots lasts a lot longer. Please feel free to vote in this poll and let me know your preferred hair removal technique

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