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What is so great about Skin79 BB Cream?

Updated on January 7, 2013
Skin79 Advertisement image.
Skin79 Advertisement image.

Skin79's most popular product is the "Super + Beblesh Balm" also simply known as the Hot Pink BB Cream since it is packaged in a bright pink container. The product is not only popular in east Asian counties such as South Korea and Japan, but also around the globe. Individuals in the United States and United Kingdom import the products directly from Korean sellers through eBay and other online websites. The product is popular among women because it works to correct a variety of skin imperfections while also working as a tinted moisturizer. Generally, though, the product covers better than most tinted moisturizers, almost as well as a foundation while being good for the skin and lightweight.

The full line of Skin79 bb creams.
The full line of Skin79 bb creams.

Why Hot Pink?

The Hot Pink cream, compared to the other products in their line, is a tried and true formula. It works for almost any skin type and matches fair to medium skin tones. It oxidizes to fit with your skin tone very quickly and does not cause breakouts. It moisturizes the skin and provides lightweight yet powerful coverage. While wearing the product, it feels like nothing more than a tinted moisturizer. It provides matte coverage and isn't shiny, unlike similar products such as the Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream.

This is probably the bb cream to try if you are new to bb creams. Chances are, the formula will be right for you. If you do not like it, however, there are many others to try and a variety of brands, but this particular product is raved about all over the internet because it is effective.

Who can't use it?

Almost anyone can use this product. Fair to medium skin tones can wear it easily. However, keep in mind that this product is designed with the Asian female in mind, which means it does not work for people of certain ethnic groups, notably people of African decent. This is because Asians tend to be pale to medium olive tone, so they do not have the need for darker color creams.

Fake Skin79 Products

Since the cream is so popular, you may encounter counterfeits. There is, however, and easy way to avoid this - only buy from reputable sellers. Do not purchase any bb cream from China because chances are the products will be fakes. Look for top-rated sellers on eBay with near perfect feedback. Make sure these sellers are located in South Korea. If you catch someone selling a fake product, report the seller immediately.

Real vs Fake

An example of another South Korean BB Cream - Missha Real Complete.
An example of another South Korean BB Cream - Missha Real Complete. | Source

Alternate Products

If for some reason you cannot get this product but are really wanting to try a bb cream, there are several alternatives available, however, I do not recommend trying out a cheap American drugstore brand of cream. These are cheap formulas that tend to be oily and do not work as well as their Asian counterparts. If you do not want to import a product, I'd recommend the Missha brand. This is one brand that actually has a presence in the United States. You can purchase their products directly from the online Missha store.

Another option is the Dr. Jart+ products, a Korean brand available at stores such as Sephora. While expensive, these products do generally work well and you should be able to find a color match by visiting your local Sephora store.


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