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What is the Best Post Pregnancy Girdle? 4 Styles You'll Love

Updated on September 5, 2014

What is the Best Post Pregnancy Girdle?

After carrying your baby inside of you for 9 months (or more), you're probably excited to start the process of getting your body back and feeling back to normal. Pregnancy takes a huge physical toll on women's bodies and abdominal and back pain in particular are a common part of postpartum recovery. Jessica Alba has been in the news lately and has reported that the secret to getting her (super hot) body back after giving birth, is wearing a corset from the moment she gives birth until 2 or 3 months postpartum. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone,” she said. “I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.” Post pregnancy girdles have been used for centuries by mothers and were used for healing abdominal muscles and for helping women get back into shape. Although the use of corsets have been used for years, you'll need to consult your doctor or midwife to ensure that your body can handle significant compression.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of using a postpartum girdle and I will review the best post pregnancy girdles. Post pregnancy shapewear can range from $20 to over $100, depending on the quality of the material and the design of the corset. Whether you've had a vaginal birth or a cesarean section, it's important to find a girdle that will support you best.

Types of Post Pregnancy Girdle

  1. Zipper style girdle: these post pregnancy girdles have a zipper enclosure, usually found in the front of the girdle or down the side. Front (zipper) closure means it's easier to put on and take off for those who've had c-sections.
  2. Corset style girdle: The corset-style post pregnancy girdle will give you the maximum support you need for your postpartum recovery. These girdles often use boning and snap enclosures as well as medical grade material to bring everything in.
  3. Pull-up style girdle: while a pull-up style of girdle is handy, if you're selecting a girdle after c section, a pull up style girdle will interfere with your abdominal recovery. If you're set on the easy pull up style of girdle, you should wait at least 2 weeks post delivery and check with your doctor first.
  4. Wrap style girdle: Instead of heavy corseting, boning or hook closures, this style of girdle one has a frontal flap that wraps around the midsection and fastens in the back.

Postpartum Recovery: Why Use a Postpartum Girdle?

Corsets may help to stabilize the body, prevent injury, heal past injuries, change body morphology and more. Of course, you should always check with your doctor about using a corset if you have medical issues. Some of the main ways corsets can heal your body are:

  • Minimizing back pain and correcting posture
  • Reducing the intensity of headaches and migraines through correcting posture and therefore taking pressure off the neck and shoulders.
  • Preventing potential back injuries by supporting the back during work (heavy lifting, repeated tasks and generally physical labour)
  • Women who have used a corset have said that corsets improved asthma. The upper lungs and bronchi may not be fully open or utilized with very poor posture, and correcting posture using a corset may help to open up the chest, relax the windpipe and allow easier breathing.
  • Corsets are helpful in minimizing menstrual cramps in women by exerting pressure on these the pain induced organs, reducing uterine contractions (and thus cramping).
  • Corsets may be used as a weight loss aid – they act as an external gastric band and do not allow much expansion of the stomach, thus helping to control appetite and reduce food portions.

Another medical use of corsets is for post pregnancy or post-partum use, to help healing of the abdominal wall, which may have torn or over stretched during the later months. Generally, postpartum girdles are used by a new mother has either had a c-section, or wants compression not just in the abdomen area, but the backside and hips, too. A full girdle-style post pregnancy support will be more costly than regular shapewear, but the results are instant and these tummy binders use a firm compression, backed by science.

Best Girdle After a C-Section: Bellefit

Bellefit is the original post-pregnancy girdle and moms have been using the Bellefit for years to get their postpartum recovery under control. The idea is for new moms to put on the bellefit corset after giving birth and to wear it up to 6 months after. Here's why moms are committed to the Bellefit product: still present after childbirth for up to 6 months are hormones secreted during pregnancy. These hormones, Estrogen, progesterone and relaxin loosen the abdominal muscles, the pelvic structure and supporting ligaments and joints. Bellefit works together with your body's natural process of recovery. The Girdle/Corset acts to retract the body by drawing in stretched muscles and provides medical-grade compression to your abdominal area. Also, one of Bellefit's most enticing claims about its girdles is that they help reduce discomfort and speed up recovery time for those suffering from diastasis recti - the annoying midline abdominal muscle separation that some new moms experience as a result of pregnancy and/or childbirth.

Bellefit specs:

  • Hook-and-eye closures in the front, padded for extra comfort.
  • Easy access to the groin with convenient flap with hooks.
  • Helps straighten the spine after nine months of carrying the baby.
  • Medical-Grade - Provides adaptable compression and support for pendulous abdomen after pregnancy.

Women love Bellefit because they are much less bulky than other styles of post pregnancy girdles. Also, the fabric is so tight that it stays in place and doesn't ride on the skin.

Jessica Alba: The Queen of Postpartum Recovery


Sexy Post Pregnancy Corset: Leonisa Compression Brief Bodysuit

The Leonisa Compression Brief Bodysuit is both sexy and comfortable. It's easy to put on and it stays tight around all the right places: your tummy, waist and hips. Also, the Leonisa is a great corset after c section option, with the garment allowing for easy accesability with the zipper location.

  • Classic panty style control shaper
  • Waistline, tummy and hip reduction
  • High design on the back
  • Ultraflat zipper closure and three hooks for a better fit and comfort

The Best Corset After a C-Section: Maidenform Flexees Waist Nipper

The Maidenform Flexees are a great affordable option for moms who want the control of a postpartum girdle without the high price. The Flexees are priced from $19 to $42, compared to high end brands that will cost over $150.

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Body : 79% Nylon,21% Elastane
  • Hook and eye closure Approx 12" in length
  • Provides all around firm control

C Section Girdle Wrap: Underworks Post Delivery Belt

This girdle wrap (belt) is great because the material is lightweight but still firm. The beauty of a girdle belt is that you control how tight the garment will be (the fabric length is quite generous in the Underworks brand).

The specs:

  • Nylon
  • Made in USA
  • Velcro closure
  • Size - Measure Post Delivery Waistline : Small-fits: 26-28-30-32-34-36 Medium-fits: 38-40-42-44-46 Large-fits: 48-50-52-56
  • Fastens with Velcro for wide range of size adjustability
  • 100% Cotton tummy sheet lining keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Helps to restore your pre-pregnancy figure fast
  • Provides back support

Poll Time: Best C Section Girdle

What's your favourite brand of post pregnancy shapewear?

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