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What is the point of Movember?

Updated on November 3, 2011
Ron Swanson, year-round mustache aficionado
Ron Swanson, year-round mustache aficionado

Movember the movement

Movember, also known as "No Shave November", is the new name for the month of November. The name reminds all adult men to not shave during this month, as growing out facial hair is both manly and in this case part of a good cause.

The true purpose of this month is to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers. Women have their month (it's October, by the way) where everyone wears pink stuff, including NFL football players, and now men have a month of their own. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States, with lung cancer being #1. Since many lung cancer deaths are smoking related, it can be said that prostate cancer is the most deadly non-smoking-related cancer for men in the United States.

Men are notorious for their ability to avoid seeing a doctor when they have a medical issue. There is hope that through promotions like Movember more men will schedule regular check-ups with their doctors and also get screened for prostate cancer. If this cancer is caught early enough it can be very treatable, but we all know how much men hate being probed. Movember aims to take some of the stigma out of that particular procedure and encourage men to do the manly thing: suck it up, and get screened.

Why November?

I'm not sure why November was picked as the month for excessive facial hair growing. The name Movember isn't particularly catchy, although I guess it works better than Moustebruary. It's a good month to grow facial hair, as the days get shorter and colder and a little protection of the face from the elements is in order.

How can I participate in Movember?

Even girls and girly boys can participate in Movember. On the official Movember website ( you can make a donation, buy merchandise with mustaches on it, and promote fundraising contests.

Mustache-related commentary:

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