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Softest leather Messenger Bag on the planet!

Updated on August 26, 2013

Contours to your body like a second skin

I'm sure you have heard the term Ciao Bella which means 'Hello Beautiful'. The word 'Bella' by itself of course means Beautiful. How else would you describe a bag that is soft as velvet? The collection is appropriately named Bella Soft, actually for two very good reasons. It's Italian, in fact the leather is imported from Italy. Secondly, it is super SOFT! This particualr Messenger Bag is constructed of leather and lining. You won't find layers of filling or stiffener which is typically used to give a bag form or added construction. This bag is meant to contour or wrap around your body like a second skin.

We hear the same question asked frequently. What is the softest bag you have? The fact is many leathers are soft, comparatively speaking, but to what standard? Once the consumer puts the Bella Soft products in their hand, they actually seem to have trouble putting them down. If you pick up any relatively soft bag after being spoiled by the Bella Soft, nothing else feels remotely adequate! The processing stage of the leather hide has much to do with the ‘hand’ (feel) of the leather. So if you are looking for something that is lusciously supple, nothing will come close to the Bella Soft Leather by Mosaic™.

What properties of this leather make the product so resiliant? In the leather industry this type of characteristic is commonly referred to as 'bounce'. It is actually just as simple as it sounds, You can literally roll up the leather product into your hand, and yet it recoils or returns to it's Bella (Beautiful) original condition. Certainly not all leathers have bounce, otherwise every leather product on the market would be the same. Some leathers are so thin layered or so heavily corrected that they must have all the undesirable fillers and stiffeners in between the leather and lining to give the product integrity, form or function. The collection includes much more than simply one Messenger Bag. However, this is the product that defines the collection. It's a huge hunk of leather, especially noticeable when you open up the all leather flap. Well once you become a fan of Bella Soft leather it is a no-brainer that you will want to add to your collection. Oh my, the wallets are simply awesome!

Is this leather easy to find? Not exactly, It took us several years, and a tireless search to find this leather. Every tannery, in every country said the same thing 'No problem, we can duplicate this leather'? It was a frustrating process, as each tannery boasted that they had a match, and built up our expectation that they duplicated the leather we were so desperately seeking. So here came yet another FedEx package with a leather hide. Time after time, the skins weren't even close. They weren't anywhere near as soft, and virtually none of them had the bounce. We wanted something that customers could talk about and something that they would describe as the best of the best! It’s now here, and the collection is growing rapidly. The Bella Soft by Mosaic™ is the most exquisite we have every experienced in our 34 year history.

One touch and you will surely fall in love with this buttery soft leather. If this were easy or inexpensive to reproduce, you would find this product everywhere. The fact is our leather comes from hand selected US hides that have the most consistency in leather thickness and grain. Additionally, we only work with the highest graded naked leather hides which are free from unsightly imperfections. By definition naked leather is tanned as well as dyed for color, yet they don’t have the typical finishing process that is designed to conceal the defects. The typical finishing process used on other leathers also affects the ‘hand’ of the leather, making all other leathers less pliable and nowhere near as supple as our luxurious naked leather. The markings in our leathers are all natural and for this reason each product has its own unique characteristics. This leather is conducive to soft and pliable styles, and for this reason we use minimal backing and construction. This design element gives our leather goods a unique property, in fact our iconic Messenger Bag actually molds to your body. The wallets and personal leather goods will make quite an impression for special gifts. However, we recommend you first treat yourself, the Mosaic Bella Soft leather is guaranteed to leave a memorable experience!

The author has his personal favorites, I personally own three Bella Soft products, and I predict my collection will continue to grow. The items I personally own are the Messenger, which is virtually the best in class. I’ve never seen anything in our industry that can compare. The way it contours to my body, the attractive gabardine lining, and cleverly designed pockets for all my gadgets and gizmos makes this my all time favorite! The extra-page wallet I carry is super soft, can be rolled up into a ball and return to its original shape (described above as bounce), and leather through and through….including the lining. Did I mention that it has pockets for every card I carry and an identification window with a thumb hole for easy removal of your picture ID? Finally, my letter pad it is so soft and feels so good, sometimes I lose concentration in my board meetings, and have even considered using it as a pillow! I guess it is not uncommon to get bored in a board meeting. Fortunately, I only attend 3-4 of those meetings in a year. I hope you try one of these products, you will understand in hurry why I feel so passionate about the leather, it is not ordinary it is extraordinary!


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    • 4TRAVELTIPS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you Gartist, you in turn gave me the definition of being succinct. I couldn't have said it better!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This makes sense because the word "Bella" means Beautiful in most of the romance languages. In other languages it must mean soft as babies butt.


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