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What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Updated on January 29, 2015
Pink, red, and white sweater and heart headband
Pink, red, and white sweater and heart headband | Source

Not sure what to wear for Valentine's Day? Choose heart-printed clothing or wear red or pink. Then choose some fashionable jewelry with a love or heart theme. Paint your nails with hearts or shades of pink and red. Add a stylish heart headband to complete your look. Choose your favorite pieces to create an outfit that expresses your unique personality.

Valentine's Day nails
Valentine's Day nails | Source
Heart sunglasses
Heart sunglasses | Source
Heart purse
Heart purse | Source
Love t-shirt
Love t-shirt | Source
Heart clips for shoes
Heart clips for shoes | Source
Red dress
Red dress | Source
Heart necklace
Heart necklace | Source
Heart sweater
Heart sweater | Source
Love bracelet
Love bracelet | Source
Pink dress with red flower
Pink dress with red flower | Source
Heart scarf
Heart scarf | Source
Red heart dress
Red heart dress | Source
Heart print tights
Heart print tights | Source
Heart print dresses
Heart print dresses | Source
Lips t-shirt
Lips t-shirt | Source
Heart knuckle rings
Heart knuckle rings | Source
Heart print button down
Heart print button down | Source
Red dress with black accessories
Red dress with black accessories | Source


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