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What to Wear If You Are Rectangle Shape? Celebrity Style and Fashion Tips

Updated on October 4, 2017

Who would've thought that 46% of women actually belong to the "club of rectangle shaped"? Lucky you if you are amongst them! There are soooo many clothes that will fit you perfectly. Let's see which are these, but first let's pay a visit to the definition of this shape:

It is often referred to as banana, straight, or I shape (because the close resemblance to the shape of a rectangle). The waist measurement is usually smaller than the hips or bust measurement. Body fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face areas, whilst the arms and legs are slim - Note to self: show them off!

Celebrities who you may know with this type of figure are: Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Jessica Szohr, Cobie Smulders, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, and Heidi Klum.... And the list is actually much longer filled with names of models and Hollywood stars, I just don't have enough space here to name them all.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively | Source
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz | Source

Taking Inspiration from Blake Lively, Jessica Szohr, Cameron Diaz, Cobie Smulders and Gwyneth Paltrow


The first dressing tip is: let the sun kiss the shoulders (and/or the legs)! If they are visible, what's more: dressed-well, people's focus will shift to those areas. Who could represent this better than Gossip Girl goddess, Blake Lively herself? Her wardrobe in the TV series is flawless, but that doesn't mean that her outfit is not spot on when she's on the go in New York City. Take a look at this blue skirt with the blouse in matching colour palette. The nude high heels make her slim legs seem long as a fairytale (note: this rule applies to all body shapes). Plus she is wearing every girl's best accessory: a happy smile :)

The length of the dress is also important: too short is not classy but a straight long dress could also turn out to be non-appealing. So my advice is to go for a length suitable for the occasion and if you decide on a long dress or skirt, add some details on the top. Diagonal cut could also work well.

If you wish to turn up the curves in the silhouette, choose a wrap dress or one with extra fabric around the hip area. In this example hips will become slightly more dominant and the waist will seem smaller - similarly to an hourglass. Cameron Diaz's pearl pink dress has these features combined with a twist on the top by showing off her shoulders.

Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr | Source
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow | Source


When on the shopping spree, leave the baggy pants and boyfriend jeans on the shelf. Also avoid the urge to purchase high-wasted pants. Go for a slim, straight or skinny pants instead. Jessica's leggings with the long white tunic just does the trick.

If you need new pair of jeans, try on the ones with large back-pockets or with décor on the top as they will be very feminine and look great on you.

In the summer by wearing shorts you can show off your amazing legs. So grab one in the store for work and for leisure as well. Gwyneth's outfit gives her a smart and sexy look with the black & white colour combination, great fitting shorts, tucked in white blouse and high heels. Her hair let down to her shoulders give the relaxed impression, but an up-do could've added even more sparkles to this look.

Peplum top
Peplum top | Source


Women with a rectangle shape could choose pretty much anything from the tops, shirts and blouses section of the store. Though the best ones are tied behind the neck, sleeveless, V cut or boat necks. You could also choose a blouse with ruffles on the front or select two tops and layer them on top of each other.

Out of all peplum tops are made just for this shape - just like you can see on the picture. On the don't list you may find boxy shirts and blouses with a waist belt.

Cobie Smulders
Cobie Smulders | Source


Create curves by wearing a belt on the hip or playing around with lighter-darker colurs. Cobie, well-known from the 'How I Met Your Mother' series added some golden-shine to the bottom of her dress uplifting the LBD and making it excellent for her shape.

You may also add a scarf around the neck to soften the look and add a feminine touch to the outfit. Accessories, such as jewelleries will also compliment the figure and bring out the girly features.


Experiment with the patterns boldly: dots, floral, stripes, chequered - but keep in mind that large prints such as flowers will tend to overwhelm the figure and stripes running from top to bottom will strengthen the rectangle shape rather than emphasizing the curves.


A woman with a rectangle body shape does not have to be seen "boyish or pencil-like" if the clothes she wears emphasize the feminine features and curves. There is a big variety of dresses, tops and pants you can choose from and best of all, most designers dream creations for this body shape. So unleash the inner-fashionista and try out different styles to find the best matches for your wardrobe.

If you'd like to read more fashion tips, click here for Pear Shape, for Apple Shape and for Hourglass Shape.

© 2013 Zsuzsi @

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