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How to style a fascinator - Kate Middleton style

Updated on March 11, 2013

A fascinator on a lovely bride


Let me get this straight...

Before Kate Middleton set off this crazy fascinator frenzy, I would like to say that I've always loved them! In fact, I wore a fascinator made of pink mesh in my engagement photographs. Not only can they disguise a bad hair day (depending on how you wear it), they also add a real flair to an outfit. But beware...a fascinator isn't for every occasion. Let's take a look at two ways Kate Middleton wears her stylish hats out in public.

With Neutrals

At Kate's first public appearance after her engagement announcement, she wore a lovely brown and black feathered fascinator with a camel coat, black scarf looped around her neck several times, brown opaque tights, and brown suede ankle boots. Usually, I'm not too fond of the matchy matchy look, but her outfit was classic (which seems to be her style) and everything was well put together. Keeping the colours in the same family really added dimension to this look! The loosely wrapped scarf kept the outfit more casual rather than stuffy. 

Color Coordinated

At a London wedding in 2009, Kate was well colour-coordinated in a white, disc-shaped fascinator decorated with a giant flower and two vine like things(?!). Her coat dress was white and blue and her clutch a blue snakeskin. On her guessed it...dark blue pumps! Her outfit is nicely coordinated (although I'm not feeling this particular fascinator as much as the other ones she's worn), but be careful with this can really start to look like one giant blob of colour if you make everything match! 

Big and Bold

At a wedding of a good friend, Katie dressed in a simple black blazer and bright blue dress, accompanied by a giant black hat (okay, so not reaaalllyyy a fascinator). And f you were like me, your eyes zoned in on A) the big black hat and B) the bright blue dress. Again, this isn't my favourite of all her outfits, but by using simple and tailored clothes, she isn't overwhelmed by what she's wearing.

How not to wear a fascinator

This is speaking from personal experience as I own one, count 'em, one fascinator, but there are some things that just don't go well with feathers and lace in your hair:

-shirts that are too cropped
-loose, baggy clothing
-really busy prints

I think the fascinator is the main focus of the outfit, so it's best to not go too crazy with the rest of your clothes. I can't wait to see what Kate will wear next!

- Elaine Li


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