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What did your clothes label symbol say?

Updated on February 27, 2012

Caring for your clothes

Do you check your cloth labels for care instruction? I had to wash this delicate clothing recently, there was not much but a bunch of symbols. Thought it would be good to find out what they meant. The symbols breaks into five main categories: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning..

wash, dry and iron
wash, dry and iron | Source

1. Washing (symbol: washtub)

The number on the tub represent the maximum wash temperature in degree Celsius. A hand in the tub refers to handwash only.

2. Drying (symbol: circle in a square)

A circle within a square means that the cloth is fine for normal cycle tumbling dry. With an added dot in the middle means reduced temperature drying. A cross on top means do not tumble dry.

3. Ironing (symbol: iron)

The iron symbol has assigned dots for varying temperatures. One dot for low temperatures up to 110 degree Celsius, two points up to 150 degree Celcius and three points up to 200 degree Celcius. Many other garment with other temperatures simply stated it on the symbol itself

type of bleaching allowed
type of bleaching allowed | Source

4. Bleaching (symbol: triangle)

An empty triangle symbolized that bleaching is allowed with chlorine or oxygen. A cross on an empty triangle on the other hand represent no bleaching of any sort.

dry cleaning symbols. Symbol 6,7,8 refers to low heat, short cycle and reduced moisture respectively.
dry cleaning symbols. Symbol 6,7,8 refers to low heat, short cycle and reduced moisture respectively. | Source

5. Professional cleaning (symbol: circle)

Just the circle alone indicates that the garment can be professionally cleaned. The letter A, P and F inside the circle indicate the different chemical or solvent used. A indicate dry cleaning using any solvent. P for any solvent except trichloroethylene. F is using Petroleum solvent only. And do not dryclean for a cross across the circle.

a more common care details
a more common care details | Source


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