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What’s This About A Zenni Optical Scam?

Updated on November 17, 2015

Is there some big Zenni Optical scam that you need to know about?

In short, no. And it’s surprising to hear a suggestion of such a thing considering my overwhelmingly positive experience with the company.

I was shocked when I learned while doing some online research that hundreds of people search each month for information about a Zenni Optical scam, especially since I’ve never heard of any issues related to this company’s service. Other than a few online Zenni Optical reviews that indicate orders took a day or two longer to arrive than expected (a problem I’ve never had), I haven’t heard anything bad about the company.

All those searches made me wonder if I was missing something. I even began to wonder if those mall eyewear stores that charge hundreds for glasses had planted some kind of fake story about this company, so I did some research of my own.

I was relieved to find that there’s no Zenni Optical scam going around and that many experts consider the company just as reputable as I do.

My first experience with the company was when I ordered some low power reading glasses from it, but I first heard of online prescription glasses several years ago when radio financial guru Clark Howard mentioned on his show the glasses he ordered from Zenni Optical. I’ve heard him mention Zenni Optical several times since, and as far as I know, he’s never said anything against this very inexpensive source for prescription and non-prescription glasses as well as sunglasses and specialty eyewear.

On the Clark Howard Show website, there’s a reference to the company that dates back to June 27, 2007. In that entry, Howard’s site refers to the company’s service and products “fantastic”.

I’ve written about Zenni Optical several times, and no one has ever commented on any of my posts or emailed me to indicate anything about a Zenni Optical scam.

In an article earlier this year, I explained step by step how easy it is to order low power reading glasses from the Zenni Optical.

I also reviewed the company recently for my Conspiracy of Good site in an article entitled Zenni Optical Review: Online Prescription Glasses And Other Eyewear For Less With No Downside.

If I thought there was any real hint of a Zenni Optical scam, I wouldn’t have written these very complimentary articles about this eyewear provider.

In fact, prescription glasses can cost $300 or more from local eyewear stores. And low power reading glasses like the ones I use when I work at the computer are almost impossible to find, so I’m very grateful to have discovered Zenni Optical.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Zenni Optical has saved me and my family hundreds of dollars and hours of hassles. That’s not a scam. It’s a very welcome bit of relief for our tight budget.


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