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What's in My College Bag

Updated on November 26, 2019

Our bags are more than just something we use to carry our stuff. They talk a bit about our personality. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Balls are to men, what purses are to women."

I go to a university that only allows black bags since our uniform is a white longsleeve top, a black and white checkered skirt, a black tie, and black heels. That's why I carry around this black Dorothy Perkins leather tote bag. It's got this tiny leopard print detail and I added this Louis Vuitton scarf to the handle. It looks big but the things you can put inside are less than what you expect. Plus, I don't like bringing a lot of stuff since I'm a forgetful person (cue Dory).

The first thing I have is an essential for college students today. You cannot thrive in uni without a laptop. I own this Lenovo IdeaPad. Thankfully, it already comes with a black sleeve so I don't have to buy a new one. I'm a quite thrifty person, soooo....

Anyways, I also bring my ipad mini with me sometimes. It's quite old and it's been with me since I was in Grade 8 which was around five years ago. It has a Phoebe Buffay sticker which my cousin gave me. We love Friends and I'm thinking about adding more to my ipad and laptop.

Next thing I have is this black pencil case from Fuda. I actually just took this from my older cousin. He doesn't use it anymore and being the cheap-ass that I am, I asked for it (more like took it then asked for it after a few weeks lol). I put my pens, correction tape, highlighters, and tiny calculator here. I just bring a few pens at a time because I don't really have the need to bring all of them. Besides, I also put some essentials here because I don't really want to bring a separate bag for that. I put my alcohol, lip balm, toothbrush, and a napkin.

If you can just fit everything in one pouch, I guess just go for it.

I also carry this black pouch with me everywhere. It contains my metal straws, my chopsticks, and an ice cream spoon. This is my sustainability kit. My friends usually laugh at me for always being prepared, but I want to help save this planet. We create so much waste annually (especially if you like to eat out) and in my little way, I want to help.

I also put the plastic straws given to me here. Sometimes, I forget to refuse the straw at the counter, but I make sure not to use them. When I get home I just put it in my eco bricks. Learn more about eco bricks here:

Stay hydrated!!!! I bring this water bottle around with me to lessen my waste and to save money. We have a water fountain at school so every time I'm thirsty I can just refill the bottle and I'm good to go. I sometimes (most of the time) put coffee here. I just buy a sachet of instant coffee, add some water, and I'm solved.

Next, I have this huge wooden hairbrush with me that has my name. My friends Danieca and Janella gave this to me back in Grade 12 because I used to carry around a pink hairbrush in the same size. I actually really love this one and when I'm bored in class sometimes I just brush my hair. But only if the teacher doesn't get mad.

Then, I have this foldable umbrella. The weather in the Philippines is so weird. It's usually super hot and sometimes it rains all of a sudden. I commute to school. I ride a jeep because my house is like 5-10 minutes away from my school. I like to walk to places too sometimes. That's why it's so important for me to carry one around.

I have this tiny black pouch with me where I put my earpods, charger, and flash drive. I don't own a powerbank because I don't use my phone in school all that much, but when I do run out of battery at least I can charge in school for free.

Earpods/earphones are important especially when I'm walking or commuting. I like to listen to music when I'm doing that.When we don't have classes, I also use them to watch netflix.

I carry my blue folder and books in my hands because they don't really fit inside. I have my files, homework, notes, and my paper in here. I don't bring my notebook with me to class. Our teachers don't require notebooks from us. I just take notes on my yellow pad then transfer them to my notebook at home.

Lastly, in the pocket of my bag, I have my phone, my wallet, a hanky, and some roll on menthol essential oil. My phone's pretty self-explanatory. So is my wallet. They're both old, but still fully functional. If it ain't broken, don't change
it. That's my motto. Anyways, I own an iphone 5s and my wallet's a rip-off of a Kate Spade coin purse. My friend gave it to me and as much as I hate intellectual theft, I need a small wallet. It helps me save money because I just bring enough for the day and I have some cards and ID inside. I put my keys, bottle opener, and nail cutter there as well.

I can never function without my hanky. I get anxious if I don't carry one, because I think, "What if I sneeze? Or what if I sweat? Or what if it stinks and I don't have something to cover my nose?" The menthol essential oil is just an Asian thing. We use it for everything: headaches, stomachaches, nausea, and the likes.

I hope you learned a little about my personality with what's in my college bag. What's something you always have in your bag? Tell me in the comments down below.

Love and light, lovelies. Love and light. I hope you have a great day.



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