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What's in My Colour Pop Order?!

Updated on January 15, 2017

Brow Pencil on The Way!

It was time for a new brow pencil when my Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil hit plastic.

I always wanted to try the pencil from Colour Pop so I went on their site and found great prices and even a coupon when I registered an email. The package took about 5 days at the most and was very fast. Then again, the company is up in Oxnard,California so its very close.
As I've mentioned before the company is where Kylie's cosmetics are made. I can now say I've tried both her lip glosses and colour pops and they're is no difference in the formula in my opinion.

Back to The Brow Pencil!
I received my brow pencil and it was a very smooth formula and very thin pencil. Application was easy because of how small and thin the point was on the pencil. I can easily create a look and shape I have in mind, rather than a thicker pencil like Anastasia Beverly Hills. The A.B.H pencil doesn't have a thin point to shape the tricky parts, because it turns dull after the first use. I was happy with the shade and application of the colour pop and when you brush it out it looks natural!

In the shade "Bang'n Brunnette"
In the shade "Bang'n Brunnette"


Next item...ITEMS I ordered were 3 lip glosses! They came in a deal with 4 eye shadows for only $30!

The lip glosses were "TIme Square", which is a nude-pink shade. "Viper", is a pink-plum color, and lastly "Baracuda", which is pinkish-brown. (Pic Below). These colors are so beautiful and rich when applied. I've never had to repeat a shade to cover more because it just wasn't necessary! They do dry matte, but also do well with a sheer gloss for more dimension.

For an easy makeup removal technique I use to my Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover to remove the shade after I've cleansed my face. These matte lip glosses, are very sticky and messy if you try to remove them with just a face wash, so I had to use something with an oil base.

Top to Bottom : Viper, Baracuda, Time Square.
Top to Bottom : Viper, Baracuda, Time Square.

Super Cheeky

The next product I needed was a highlighter, I noticed I have more bronzes than anything else in my makeup cabinet. When I saw this highlighter on Colour Pop I was very excited and I love anything that is pinkish and light colored for my cheeks. This one I noticed is more glitter based when I put it on, but I did have an issue with applying it because the product is almost meant to be applied with a finger and I didn't want streaks on my cheeks, I didn't like that any brushes I had didn't really work with it. The texture is almost.. like a dried mousse pudding that when you press down you can see it compresses, but it isn't that soft that you can pick up a bunch with your finger. It was just different for me, I would need to see how others have worked with it to get some ideas. I might even use it for my eye lids base if I want more dimension or on my cupids bow.

Super Shock Cheek  By Colour Pop
Super Shock Cheek By Colour Pop

Eye Shadow Pop

The eye shadows on the other hand are the same texture and formula as the cheek highlighter, but they are so much easier to apply with a finger. They also don't pick up well with a brush, but like I said I didn't mind using it with my fingers. The colors are absolutely beautiful and shiny as ever. The ones that came in my deal were (Left to right in picture below) "Mooning", "Smash", "Vega", and "To-A-T".

You can work with all the shades in one look, but I use the "Smash" as my base. Smash is the lightest shade from all the shadows that has a sparkle to it and has a matte finish. Then, to create the crease I go with more pigmented and not as shiny shades from my Naked Palette. If I'm using them for a night time look I go with the darker shades for a base.

I do have an idea that I think could work if I used the darker shades for contouring techniques whether it be on my eyes or cheeks.I still have to try this look out!

Overall, I think the shadows were my second favorite from the order.

My review on this whole order would be a thumbs up. I do think Colour Pop does really stand out in their lip gloss and matte lip stick formulas. As far as their eye shadows, i would need to order a different formula to see if I like them better then these "Super Shock Shadows".

The brow pencil really does its job, and if you apply lightly then brush it out it does look very natural! The "Bang'n Brunette" shade matches me very well.

The eye shadows I use as a small glitter add on or as highlighters on my eyes in my inner corner.


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